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Anniversary email automation

Celebrate anniversaries together with your customers! By selecting the trigger Anniversary of a date, you can send an email to celebrate a specific date. Once you’ve created your festive email, it’ll be sent out each year. Learn how to set up an anniversary email automation below.

anniversary email automation

How do I build this workflow?

  1. Create a new workflow and give it a name, for example: “Anniversary email”

  2. Select the trigger The anniversary of a date

  3. Select the subscriber group or create a new group

  4. Create a date field (or write Anniversary if you don’t have the field yet). MailerLite will take information from that field

  5. Now set if the trigger should be activated on the date itself or in advance (before the date) and select the time

  6. Select the plus sign and add a new condition. Select “Any rule”, then “Custom fields”, “Anniversary”, “is equal” and fill in the date

  7. Select the plus sign underneath the green thumbs up and create a new anniversary email. Use personalization to address the reader even more personal, for example by using their name in the email. You can also add a countdown timer if you’re sending the email ahead of the actual date

  8. Leave the red thumbs down path empty

  9. Turn the workflow on. Your anniversary email automation is now live!

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