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Automation examples

Rewarding customer loyalty workflow example

Make your repeat customers feel appreciated by offering them exclusive rewards for their loyalty. Your existing customers are your best customers, and a little VIP treatment is a great way to nurture that relationship while encouraging further loyalty to your brand.


In this example, we will be sending an automated email to customers who have just made their fourth purchase. The email will contain a discount code that customers can use on their fifth purchase.

For this workflow you will need to have the MailerLite plugin for WooCommerce or Shopify installed. These e-commerce integrations come with additional custom fields for e-commerce tracking, such as: Total purchases and Order count. You will need the latter to create the trigger for this workflow.

Workflow example with updated field trigger

Lite up their loyalty

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How do I build this workflow?

1. Create a new automation and select the trigger: Updated field

2. In the sidebar under Custom field, use the first dropdown menu to select the field Shopify orders count or Woo orders count

3. Use the next dropdown menu to select the value is equal

4. In the field below enter the number of orders you wish to trigger this automation (for example: 4 or 9)

5. Click Save

6. Click the + icon to add an Email step

7. In your Shopify or WooCommerce dashboard, create a discount code that can be used once by each visiting customer

8. Design your email and include the discount code to be used on their next purchase

Now when customers make their fourth purchase on your website, they will instantly receive a discount code they can use on their fifth!