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Webinar invitation sequence example

A webinar is a fantastic way to generate leads and build your reputation by inviting people to hear a presentation and discuss a topic through video, audio, and chat. 

You can promote your webinar by building a landing page with a signup form. To increase your chances of a high conversion rate:

  • Describe the topic and introduce the host

  • List the main key learning objectives with bullet points

  • Include the webinar details like date, time and format

Check our gallery of real Webinar landing page designs and examples for inspiration!

Once the landing page has been set up, you can start creating your webinar email campaign. 


Those who sign up will immediately be added to the workflow. To set this up, you have to connect both the landing page and the automation with the trigger: when subscriber completes a form. 

The subscribers will receive 3 emails in this webinar email sequence example: 

  1. A webinar invitation email where they can RSVP 

  2. A webinar reminder email, which is also a webinar confirmation email, that will be sent 1 hour before it begins

  3. A webinar feedback email that is sent after it ends

Each of these emails are separated by a Delay step to ensure that they reach the subscribers at appropriate times. 

Webinar invitation sequence example

How do I build this workflow?

  1. Select the trigger: When a subscriber completes a form and select the webinar landing page

  2. Add an Email step, fill out the subject, and click Design email

  3. Select the Drag & drop editor and include the Event/webinar block so your subscribers can confirm their attendance and add it to their own calendars

  4. Once the email is designed, click Done editing to go back to the workflow

  5. Next, add a Delay step, select the specific day of the month format, choose the date of the webinar and set the time one hour before it starts

  6. Add another Email step, give it a name that would remind your subscribers about the webinar, and click Design email

  7. Include a Countdown block and a Survey block to ask for confirmation of attendance

  8. Click Done editing once the email has been designed

  9. Now, add the last Delay step, which could be a few hours or 1 day after the webinar ends

  10. Add an Email step, where you will be requesting feedback and rating of the webinar. Click Design email

  11. Next, add a Survey block* 

  12. In the survey, choose which kind of question(s) you’d like to include. To ask for feedback, you can use Satisfaction score, Net Promoter Score, Open question, and Like/Dislike. Make sure you select the Outro as the last question to provide a closure to the survey

  13. Once you are satisfied with the feedback email, click Done editing

  14. When all of the steps have been completed, you can turn the workflow on

To find the answers to the survey:  

  1. Head to the Overview page of the workflow.

  2. Under the Workflow emails section, click on View report of the email with the survey.

  3. Click on the Survey report tab.

*Only 1 Survey or Quiz block is allowed per newsletter, so if the option is greyed out in the sidebar, it means there’s already 1 block included.

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