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Customer stories: Selling digital products using MailerLite

Migle Navickaite Migle Navickaite
· 9 min read · E-commerce,Email marketing · Mar 16, 2021

Selling digital products has never been easier, and now anyone can earn a passive income with MailerLite and Stripe.

You have all the tools at your fingertips to make it happen. MailerLite integrates with Stripe, an online payment processing platform that allows you to sell digital products and subscriptions

Digital products are online goods (like an e-learning course, a music download or an ebook) that can be sold again and again. For ideas to start your own business, check out 77 of the best digital products to sell!

We caught up with three MailerLiters who have experienced firsthand how to increase revenue by selling digital products with the Stripe integration. 

Hopefully, their stories will inspire you to give it a try.

MailerLite and Stripe integration example from TDC Hub

What do you sell? Tell us about your business

TDC Hub is your go-to Digital Marketing source for selling online! Currently, we have our 4-week program, The Content Bootcamp that helps business owners transform their content to attract clients organically! 

Apart from our programs we also offer tools like the Personalized Instagram Review, a Shopify Store Review, and private 1:1 consulting. 

Did you just start selling, or have you been in business for a while?

TDC Hub is actually the educational side of TDC Digital Agency, our Marketing Agency that has worked with brands like Benihana, Porsche, and local businesses for over 3 years. 

Before using MailerLite we would sell to brands using Square or in-person which is great, but now we can reach big and small businesses all over the world thanks to the MailerLite + Stripe integration!

What other features do you use in MailerLite to promote your business? 

What don't we use?! Our business runs smoothly thanks to all the features in MailerLite. It allows us to take our audience from viewers on YouTube or followers on Instagram to part of our community that learns and begins to transform their businesses with our content. 

It's easy for us to do that day in and day out using different groups and automations that lead each consumer straight to a product that accelerates what they're looking for! 

What else do you use (other than email) to promote your business?

Using the MailerLite website features we've been able to test products from landing pages to sales pages, and even provide our consumers with free tools like templates to improve their social media presence! 

MailerLite is so user-friendly that you can even create a quick opt-in and personalize a website to be your Instagram link in bio! 

MailerLite and Stripe integration example from Meira Greenfeld

What do you sell? Tell us about your business

My professional experience includes being a trauma psychotherapist, attorney and racial trauma coach, and I work through Keeping Company to promote social justice.

Using my background and training as a trauma professional, advocate and activist, I generate curiosity and dialogue around issues that affect our sense of safety, identity and connection to ourselves and with others. 

I do this through interactive workshops, experiential courses, my podcast Keeping Company, an online community on Facebook “Coming back to center,” my Instagram account and quarterly (free) virtual retreats.  

Specifically, I invite my audience to make the connection between trauma healing and social change by exploring the intersection of social, political and economic influences and how that affects the personal. 

By so doing, my hope is that individuals gain confidence in their ability to live vibrant and resilient lives while bringing about social transformation that reflects racial and social equity.

Did you just start selling, or have you been in business for a while? 

I've been in business a while. Prior to using MailerLite, I was using GetResponse. I believe years ago I was using Constant Contact. I find MailerLite intuitive and its customer service is just beyond. 

I've been up at ridiculous hours and there's always been someone around to help me tackle an issue that I might have resolved by reviewing the tutorials. I like the human touch! 

The customer service representatives are very supportive—particularly when my late-night caffeine-fueled requests make no sense to regular mortals.

What other features do you use in MailerLite to promote your business? 

My go-to is the landing pages. I just love them. The email templates allow you a lot of visual variety even if you omit sending the graphics. I love the reports. They provide anything I might want to know down to the number of unsubscribes, opens, clicks, etc.  

What else do you use (other than email) to promote your business?  

The most amazing feature is being able to integrate Stripe as a payment option for potential clients. What a game-changer! It took me almost no time at all to integrate it into my landing pages to facilitate payments from those pages. And I'm no techie!  

Many of my clients prefer Stripe over Paypal because they find it more secure with better customer service availability. I can't believe how incredibly easy it was to set up. Paypal was a pain, and it added extra steps for end users. 

MailerLite and Stripe integration example from Dani Washington

What do you sell? Tell us about your business 

We have an app for foster care parents to track and document information regarding the children in their care. We also sell digital products like foster care journals and foster and adoption dedicated face coverings. Our business is Foster Accountability. 

Foster Accountability is designed to F.O.S.T.E.R foster and Kinship parents. We simply Find Opportunities to Serve with Tools, Encouragement, & Resources that empower and equip foster and kinship parents to be the best they can be for the children in their care.

Did you just start selling, or have you been in business for a while?

We have just started selling.

What other features do you use in MailerLite to promote your business?

We definitely use automations (we LOVE automations). We have actually enjoyed using the website builder. I have worked with other web builders before, and I believe that the MailerLite website builder is pretty easy in comparison. 

What else do you use (apart from email) to promote your business?

We use social media advertising, of course.

Feeling inspired? Now it’s your turn! Check out this video tutorial from Marcin to find out how to get started. 

And if you’re more of the “reading” type, then we’ve compiled lots of step-by-step help articles to walk you through.

Selling digital products with Stripe + MailerLite will help you to generate a passive income. And because it’s digital, you’ll never have to worry about stock running out. These three entrepreneurs have absolutely nailed their use of Stripe and MailerLite—and you can too!

Are you selling digital products and subscriptions with Stripe and MailerLite? Let us know in the comments!

Migle Navickaite
Migle Navickaite
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