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Gediminas3 min readNew Features & UpdatesNovember 18, 2015

Customize your unsubscribe page with MailerLite

Customize your unsubscribe page with MailerLite

Great news for our users! We have now launched another frequently requested feature – a custom unsubscribe page.

You can now customize the page that your subscribers see when they click the “unsubscribe” button. What exactly can be customized and why is it useful?

Let’s find out!

Where do I find the custom unsubscribe page?

The option to customize the unsubscribe page can be found in your user menu on the top right hand corner of your MailerLite account.

Click on “Unsubscribe page” and click “Edit” – you will see the editor with 2 main options – customize your unsubscribe page and the confirmation page.

How do I customize it?

Let’s start with the unsubscribe settings. The recommended and default setting is “Unsubscribe from all groups”. This will change the subscriber's status to “unsubscribed”.

custom unsubscribe page editor

However, if you have many subscribers that are in several groups, you might want to use the second option. It will let your subscriber choose to be deleted from one group but remain subscribed in other group(s).

The cool way to customize this is to create several groups in your account and name them something like “once a month”, “once a week”, “1 month break”, etc. You can then let the subscriber choose how often he/she wants to receive your newsletter if he picks one of the groups.

This could be the last resort to keep your subscriber.

Changing the design

The “Design” tab allows you to customize pretty much every design detail just as you would customize your campaign in the Drag & Drop editor.

unsubscribe page example

You can add and align your logo, change the background and border color, choose a font, use a background image for the page body and more.

Don’t forget to check how it looks on mobile as well.

Changing the button links

If you choose the option to “Unsubscribe from all groups”, please note that you can change the links for the Yes/No buttons. As a default, the “Yes” button links to a confirmation page that can be customized and the “No” button is linked with your newsletter.

We do not recommend changing the “No” button link, but you could link the “Yes” button to your own landing page.

Final thoughts and advice

You must understand that the reason your recipients are landing on this page is not by accident. They’re actively trying to unsubscribe from you. So making it more difficult for them to do so could have bad consequences, such as reporting you to SPAMCOP. And it won’t make them any less likely to unsubscribe – it will just make them less likely to like you.

Therefore, you should avoid hiding the unsubscribe button, forcing them to fill in too many fields, or altering the unsubscribe link.

There are countless ways to tweak your unsubscribe page for better results. You may even be able to win subscribers back. Some of your strategies or approaches can be linked to emotions like humor and sadness. You can also offer a special discount or promotion within the unsubscribe page as a last resource.