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Silvestras3 min readNew features and updatesMay 18, 2016

Introducing MailerLite iPhone app

Introducing MailerLite iPhone app

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Mailerlite mobile app for the iPhone. Now you will have real-time access to your email campaigns and subscribers in the palm of your hand. On the go or at home, keep track of your email marketing wherever you are.

How to start using the app?

It’s super simple! The app is already in the App Store, so just download it on your iPhone and use your MailerLite user to login.

What can I do with MailerLite mobile app?

The iPhone app will allow you to easily manage your MailerLite account wherever you are.

Need to check how your campaign is performing while you are traveling? Forgot to activate that autoresponder and left office? Want to have a chat with our cool support team on the go? – no problem!

Here’s what you can do with MailerLite iPhone app:

  • Add new subscribers. Just met a person who is interested in your newsletter? Add him to your subscribers directly from your phone.
  • Manage subscribers. See how your subscriber list is growing and how many new subscribers you have today, this week, this month or overall. Find a subscriber and change his profile information or status.
  • View campaign reports. You don’t have to be in the office to check how your campaigns are performing. With MailerLite mobile app you get instant access to all your email marketing campaign stats on your phone.
  • Send campaigns. Start a campaign on desktop as you’re used to. Didn’t find time to send or schedule it while in the office? No problem, you can do it from your phone. However, you can’t create new campaigns on the phone, you can only send campaigns from Drafts.
  • Manage Automation. Turn ON or OFF your Automation campaigns and check their stats.
  • Contact support. Search our Knowledge Base or have a live chat with our friendly customer support.

Have questions or need help?

Please contact us if you need any help with the new iPhone app. Looking forward to your feedback!

P.S. We have one more amazing app on the App Store – it’s MailerLite Subscribe App for iPad. Use it to collect new subscribers at your store, trade show, event or any other place where people might like to join your subscriber list. Just put your iPad in a visible place and invite people to subscribe.

Silvestras Armonaitis

Hi, it’s Silvestras, a member of MailerLite’s customer support team. As the first remote employee to join MailerLite in 2014, I was the guinea pig to test if remote work was a good idea. Today, MailerLite is a remote-first company so the experiment was a success! To all the other remote workers who have joined since—you’re welcome.