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Updating passwords regularly will ease your mind during mass-login attempts

Updating passwords regularly will ease your mind during mass-login attempts

Today (Monday, November 11, 2019) we detected a massive spike in login attempts. We had an increase in login attempts of over 200,000 compared to other days. We’re prepared and protected against these types of attacks and use a dedicated system to protect your data. Passwords at MailerLite are strongly encrypted and safe.

These attacks work like this: The attackers take a huge amount of real email addresses and passwords collected from various data breaches all over the internet and try to log in on a variety of websites. We’re blocking failed logins, but since they use real email and password combinations, sometimes there is a match.

If we suspect that any of our client’s credentials are breached, we will keep these accounts safe by changing the login details and contacting the client directly via email.

We’re actively working on keeping your account safe and protecting ourselves until this mass-login attempt is over. However, this is a good reminder to keep your login information safe.

Here are 3 steps to do so:

  1. Use strong and different passwords for every service you use. This way, when 1 service is breached, you don’t need to worry about your other login data. A password manager can help with generating strong, unique passwords and saving them (so you don’t need to remember them all by heart). 
  2. Use two-factor authentication. In this blog article, you can read more about what this is and why it’s important to use. Here’s how you can set it up in the app.
  3. Check if your credentials were part of a hack known to the public by using this website. If the result is positive, you should immediately change your password.

We will update this article to inform you if any suspicious logins were made during this period of time.

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