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Why you need company values or #lovemyjob

Why you need company values or #lovemyjob

This is what our coworkers say about us on Facebook.

Can a company get better advertising than this? Hardly.

This is when I know we are doing something right.

What should you do to achieve this?

For us it all starts with company culture and values. If you know what you want your team to be, it will happen.

A company’s values help in making decisions. If someone loves PHP, but doesn’t care about email marketing, it’s not a good fit for us.

A company’s values help to deal with daily life frustrations. If someone wants to work out at 9 a.m., they just go ahead and do it.

They know that we support this. If someone feels inspired working from home or a coffee shop, go ahead. We know the best ideas come outside the office. Just find what works for you.

A company’s values drive our strategic plans. Should we invest more into customer support or into Facebook ads? Customer support always wins. Should we make a custom feature for prospective customers resulting in potentially big revenue or focus on current customers’ needs? Current customers are always our main focus. 

It’s essential that every team member knows what we stand for. These are 10 values that we believe in and every new member signs under them along with a job contract.

1. Deliver WOW through customer support

We are always ready to help our customers using best channel for them – email, phone, chat. We are online 24/7 and we speak their language. We give answers that really help solve their problems. We offer more than they expect. It might be help with newsletter design or a webform – whatever they need. We don’t charge for the additional help. A customer’s recommendation is the best payoff for us!

We care about the customers and want to stay on top of their needs. Therefore, once a month, every team member works in customer support.

2. Be passionate about MailerLite and email marketing

We are inspired because we believe in what we do and we put all our heart into it. We really give a damn about our company and product, and we think about it 24/7. It’s not just another job, it’s a mission to show the world what we can do.

We are the best advertisement for MailerLite. We are proud of where we work and what we do. We are always ready to talk about our product, its competitive advantages and email marketing trends even if you wake us up in the middle of the night.

We share things to help us grow together. Developed a killer feature? Make a presentation about it. Wrote a blog post? Share it with the team. Want to know more about email marketing? Buy a book or attend a conference. We will support the initiatives.

3. Focus on the long term goals

We invest in things that matter long term. We want to create product that feels good every step on the way. From clean design, a simple and easy-to-use content editor to great customer support.

We are not searching for investors. Thus, short term results don’t matter that much. We believe in constant growth and invest in the features that will last.

We are focused on providing the best user experience possible rather than the fashionable technology. Our interface is clear, simple, and pages load instantly.

4. Simplify

We are big believers in the power of keeping it simple.

No corporate structure, no unnecessary features, no investors. We are 100% focused on building something our customers love.

We take difficult problems and make them simple. When you get a task, think of the simplest and fastest way to accomplish it. Take time to do research, discuss it with colleagues and then choose the solution that is both simple and genius.

5. Pay attention to the details

Attention to detail is what differentiates great products from the rest. It’s ok to leave small bugs and break things, but make sure everything works at the end of the day. A great user experience is about details like preloaders, ‘thank you’ messages, alerts, transitions and other stuff that others forget.

6. Treat people right

All our team members are equal. Treat them as you want to be treated.

If you greet by shaking hands, be sure to do it with all members of the team.

No gossip, talking behind backs, or name calling. If there are things that need discussing, be brave enough to bring it up.

Answer every question, even the strangest one. Listen to other suggestions and in case it is not useful, be forthcoming and if it doesn't help, explain clearly the reasons why. We want to cultivate an open environment where everyone feels respected and heard.

7. Be positive

We believe in the law of attraction. It means that positive thoughts will help us to reach our goals faster. Therefore, negative attitudes will only lead to failure. We don’t take ‘that’ll never work’ for an answer. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it and work hard.

8. Stay in the best shape

The team needs you in the best shape. Take care of your health. Don’t spend all your time behind the computer.

Meditate, go to the gym, yoga, pool, massage or whatever makes you feel good. The work can wait 2 hours, especially when you come back full of energy and motivation. Remember, best ideas come when you’re out of the office.

And if you feel sick, respect the team – work from your home. Our business is a marathon, not a sprint. We all need to recharge sometimes. Take vacations, travel, go explore and come back inspired.

Creativity is encouraged by curiosity. Therefore with the team we explore the world, attend art exhibitions, travel or meet different people. We love widening our point of view. And we believe that memories and experiences unite people better than anything else.

9. Be efficient

Time is the most valuable thing and it’s limited. Appreciate time and be efficient to the max. We don’t waste time on long meetings. Most times we eat lunch delivered to the office. We skip rush hour commutes and don’t waste time in traffic jams. We exercise in the middle of the day to avoid crowds of people. We buy stuff online.

10. Embrace remote culture

Our team members can choose the best location to work and live. You can come to our Vilnius office or work from any place that makes you happy and productive.

While working remotely, make sure to have a high-speed connection and be available online during your working hours. Choose the environment where you can focus and get the work done.

Building remote culture is a challenge for the whole team. This is why all our communication and project management is online.

We use Slack to keep in touch on a daily basis. Trello and Google Docs are used for feature roadmaps and project management. We give a weekly feedback on 15Five about achievements, challenges and suggestions on how to improve our company.

Every time we do a presentation or an announcement we make a video or a live broadcast for the whole team to see it.


Do you have values in your company? How did you come up with them? How do they play out in daily life?