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"Unsubscribe link is missing" error and other general campaign issues

You may notice when attempting to exit your campaign editor that you see the error message “Unsubscribe link is missing.” Adding an unsubscribe link to your campaigns is necessary as per our Anti-spam policy. However, from time to time this error can occur even when an unsubscribe link has been added. 


Besides missing a real unsubscribe link, this error can also occur when other elements of the campaign need to be fixed before it can be sent. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try: 

  1. Create a copy of the campaign and check if the error is still present. This will help you to determine if the error is caused by a specific element of the original campaign.

  2. Check the format of the variables used in the campaign. Incorrect variables can prevent the campaign from being sent. Re-adding the variables can fix this error in certain cases where the variables were not correctly saved.

  3. Re-add or copy the footer block. The footer block often contains the unsubscribe link. If the footer block is missing or incomplete, the campaign will not be able to be sent.

  4. Add an additional unsubscribe variable. The custom variable {$unsubscribe} generates a link to your unique unsubscribe page. Adding this variable will ensure that there is always an unsubscribe link present in your campaign.

  5. Delete or replace the "unsubscribe" link text and re-add it. Sometimes, a typo in the "unsubscribe" link text can cause the error message to appear.

6. Strip the HTML from the text in the content of the email. HTML formatting can sometimes interfere with the generation of the unsubscribe link. Using a tool such as to strip the HTML from the text can help to resolve this issue.

7. Check if any blocks in the campaign are missing a color code. Blocks that are missing a color code may not be preventing your campaign from being saved.

If you have tried the above methods and the “Unsubscribe link is missing.” error message is still showing in your campaign, check our support options and our customer service center for assistance. 

If you are noticing differences in the display of your email in the inbox, there are a few things to check.

Outlook inboxes

If you are viewing the email in Outlook, then a difference in the display is expected. Outlook is an inbox that was created primarily to help corporations in internal communication and is mainly used in B2B communication, as such it may not display email marketing newsletters the same way other clients such as Gmail do.

This process usually causes some changes to the campaign's initial design and the way it's displayed in the mailbox.

The best recommendation is to send yourself a test campaign to your Outlook email and consider changes accordingly. Some of our clients also like to add a disclaimer asking Outlook users to click on the “View in browser” link at the top-right side of the campaign, just in case.

Interactive email blocks

Some interactive blocks such as the Accordion block and the Carousel block in the Drag & Drop editor do not display on all email clients. You can see the following disclaimer within the block settings in the editor.

Check out our Troubleshooting section for more quick fixes!

Last time edited: Sep 19, 2023