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Step by step guide: transition from FreshMail to MailerLite

Let's welcome the upcoming era of Polish email marketing. FreshMail & MailerLite now come together! We're dedicated to simplifying things, so we've crafted a comprehensive knowledge base to walk you through the migration. It will take just 5 steps. Here, you'll find clear instructions and full support at every stage.

Sometimes, we need new solutions. And those solutions open up new possibilities for us!

Starting March 2024, new account creation in the FreshMail app will be suspended. For existing users, there won't be options to renew plans or purchase additional credits.

You can move in 5 steps


Test MailerLite for free (30 days)

Create an account with MailerLite from the Migration tab on your FreshMail account and test all the possibilities MailerLite gives you.


Migrate data automatically

  • Recipients

  • Recipient lists

  • Custom fields

  • Graphics


Choose a plan in MailerLite

Explore all MailerLite plans and choose the one that suits best your needs.


Cancel your plan in FreshMail

See how to terminate your contract, cancel your subscription, or use up your remaining message credits in FreshMail's Pay As You Go plan. 


Start using MailerLite

After going through the previous steps, you can fully focus on your MailerLite activities. Hurray!

Get help and support every step of the way

We’ll help you with recreating one of your email templates.

Request a migration service

FAQ and troubleshooting

What can I migrate?

We've made an effort to simplify the migration process for you and provide as many options as possible. As a result you can automatically transfer:

  • Most popular graphics from FreshMail to MailerLite,

  • Subscribers,

  • Additional fields,

  • Subscriber lists (which will be Groups in MailerLite).

What can not I migrate?

We've made it easy to move your subscribers and popular graphics to your MailerLite account. However, some things can't be transferred during migration:

  • Stats and reports from sent campaigns,

  • Access accounts,

  • Exact templates and landing pages from FreshMail.

But don't worry, you can still download campaign reports and subscriber lists from FreshMail easily. We also offer recreating 2 projects in MailerLite for free, based on your existing ones in FreshMail.

Can I use the remaining part of my FreshMail plan in MailerLite?

Yes! If you want to migrate to MailerLite before your plan expires in FreshMail, write to us at, and we will convert the unused portion of your plan into funds in MailerLite. You can use them to pay for your plan in MailerLite.

Are my data safe during migration?

We prioritize security. During migration, only the account administrator can move data. When you log in to FreshMail, you'll need to re-enter your password to connect with MailerLite. Our data migration uses encrypted servers, ensuring that even if someone intercepts your data, it remains unreadable and useless to them.