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Celebrate the holidays with up to 33% off your MailerLite plan

Yep! That's up to 4 free months of the new MailerLite over the next year

Sign up and upgrade to an annual plan before December 12 to save up to 25% off the Growing business plan and up to 33% off the Advanced plan (that's 4 free months!).

Annual Growing business plan (25% off)

You'll have access to all of the features you know and love, plus these advanced features.

Annual advanced plan (33% off)

You'll have access to all of the free and Growing features, plus these advanced features.

Discover the New MailerLite

New design. New features. New integrations. That's a lot of new! See what's in store when you sign up to try the New MailerLite.

What you’ll save

When you migrate to the new MailerLite and purchase an annual plan between November 21st and December 12th, you’ll save up to 33% (that’s 4 months for free!).


How can I claim the Holiday Deal?

To redeem the Holiday Deal discount, you need to:

1. Create a new account on the new MailerLite by following these migration instructions.

2. Purchase an annual Advanced plan or annual Growing business plan on the new MailerLite between 2022/11/21 and 2022/12/12.

3. The discount will be automatically applied and appear on your invoice.

Please note, that MailerLite Classic and the new MailerLite are two separate apps with different billing systems, therefore any remaining balance of MailerLite Classic plan cannot be transferred and you will need to manually cancel payments on the unused MailerLite account.

How does the new MailerLite compare to MailerLite Classic?

Besides the obvious shiny new interface, the new MailerLite supports faster load times and has a bunch of new features. See a full breakdown of how MailerLite compares to MailerLite Classic here.

Will all my data be transferred from MailerLite Classic?

MailerLite Classic and MailerLite are two separate platforms, so your MailerLite Classic data won't automatically appear in the new MailerLite. However, you can migrate your subscribers, templates, files, forms, landing pages, websites and automations using our migration tools.

Since MailerLite Classic and the new MailerLite are two separate platforms, your analytics and subscriber history won't be transferred along with your subscribers.

How do I migrate from MailerLite Classic to the new MailerLite?

Using our migration tools, it’s super easy to migrate subscribers, files, templates, forms, and automations from MailerLite Classic to the new MailerLite. One important thing to note if you are migrating your account during the 30-day free trial, you must keep your subscriber count below 1,000. We recommend migrating a subset (<100) of your subscribers so you can play around with the platform.

Otherwise, you will need to upgrade to a paid account if you surpass 1,000 subscribers. You can migrate everything else during this time. Once you purchase a plan, you can then quickly migrate all your subscribers, groups, and segments with a push of a button. 

If you have any issues migrating your data from MailerLite Classic to MailerLite, please contact our support team.

What if I already migrated?

If you created a new MailerLite account prior to the sale, but haven’t yet upgraded to an annual Advanced plan, you can still claim this holiday deal! You can upgrade to an annual Growing Business or Advanced plan with a holiday discount. Simply contact our customer support team or via live chat and inform them you have already migrated, but haven’t purchased an annual Advanced plan and you would like to take advantage of the holiday deal. Our friendly support team will help you apply your discount.

Can I transfer my annual plan on MailerLite Classic to the new MailerLite?

MailerLite Classic and MailerLite are two separate platforms with individual billing systems. This means that if you have purchased a plan in MailerLite Classic, it cannot be carried over to MailerLite.

If you purchase a plan in the new MailerLite, it's up to you to cancel your plan in MailerLite Classic to avoid double billing.

When does the offer expire?

The holiday sale will be live from 2022/11/21 - 2022/12/12.

Does the offer apply to Classic plans?

The holiday deal applies exclusively to annual plans in the new MailerLite.

Does the offer apply to monthly plans?

The holiday deal applies exclusively to annual plans.

Is there a limit for subscriber count?

No. The offer applies to all plan sizes no matter how many subscribers you have. 🎉

What if I outgrow my plan?

If your subscriber count outgrows the plan you bought with your Holiday Deal discount, don’t worry! You will keep the discount for one year from the date of purchase and the discount will transfer to your larger plan. For example, if you purchase the annual Advanced plan for up to 5,000 subscribers, and 2 months later you need to upgrade to allow sendings for 8,000 subscribers, the discount will be applied pro-rata for the remaining 10 months.

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