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Custom HTML email to measure customer loyalty

Custom HTML email to measure customer loyalty

he only path to profitable growth may lie in a company’s ability to get its loyal customers to become, in effect, its marketing department.

(Frederick F. Reichheld, Harward Business Review)

How to do that?

First, you should figure out who your loyal customers are. Ask a simple question.

How likely are you to recommend product/service to a friend?

A seemingly basic question, but one that carries more weight than many realise.

This question is the single factor in determining your company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS), the score of how likely people are to recommend your services to other clients. Your NPS is essentially a measure of pure customer loyalty and future growth of your company.

Today I want to share a custom HTML survey that we use to measure customer loyalty.

Step by step I will show how to send a survey yourself.

This is the code which you will paste into “Your own HTML” section when creating a new email in MailerLite.

But before that we need to customize it.

Change the logo

Find 106th line and change the source of image to your logo. Also change the width and height of the image to match your logo.

<img src="https://i.imgur.com/k24I6nS.jpg" width="149" height="37" alt="" />

Change the question

In line 116 you will find the question

How likely are you to recommend<br/>Mailerlite to a friend?

Note that <br/> tag breaks the line.

Change the links (not necessary)

We recommend to leave it as it is and they will link to default “Thank you” page.

In lines 128 to 136 and 146 to 154 we have a grading system from 1 to 10. You can change all the links inside every tag.

<a href="http://usercontent.mlcdn.com/thankyou/rating1.html" style="text-decoration: none; color: #ffffff; width: 100%; height: 100%; float: left; line-height: 48px;">1</a>

Just change the URL inside href=”” to your link and we are ready to go. Be sure to make a different link for every number so you can track links activity to check the results.

You’re ready to send it!

import your html - mailerlite

Simply go to MailerLite, create a new email, choose “Your own HTML”, then select “Paste in code” and paste your code into the text area. Then click “Import”.

That’s it, now you are ready to send your custom HTML survey to your recipients!

What to do after sending the survey?

Your NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of respondents who are Detractors from the percentage who are Promoters.

The score for NPS is generally broken down like this:

  • Promoters – Customers who like your brand and service and will likely choose it again and recommend it to their friends.
  • Passives – Consumers who are satisfied with what you provide but not overly enthusiastic.
  • Detractors – Consumers who had a poor or substandard experience with your product and who are unlikely to use it again or recommend it to their friends.

To understand your NPS, you must compare that score within your industry and against direct and indirect competitors. A company’s NPS is a good indicator of its future growth. NPS leaders tend to grow at more than twice the rate of their competitors. To get an idea where your company stands, see 2014 US Net Promoter Benchmarks.

Here is a graph of the biggest brands and their NPS:

net promoter score statistics - nps - apple, amazon, ebay, facebook

Try to determine why your Promoters love you so much and why your Detractors don’t. Work on converting Passives to Promoters, and getting rid of your Detractors and you’ll be on the road to a raising score in no time.

Here is what we did

Our support team wrote personal emails to all the Detractors to get to know why they had bad experience and how we could change that.

Passives got email with the information about the features they might have missed at MailerLite.

Promoters got a email from the founder of MailerLite:

email survey to customers

We put tweets and share links that made giving recommendations as easy as possible. This is how our loyal customers became our marketing department.


Need help with the survey? Feel free to write me at erikas@mailerlite.com.


If you find the custom html email useful, share it on Facebook or Twitter. I’ll appreciate that a lot.