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FreshMail joins forces with MailerLite to offer Polish customers the best email marketing experience

Indrė Sizovaitė Indrė Sizovaitė
· 9 min read · Updates · Feb 7, 2024
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FreshMail and MailerLite are now on a mission to help you get more from email marketing. More engagement. More conversions. More happy customers.

This past year will be remembered as one of the most transformative moments in marketing history, especially for email. Artificial intelligence, lightning-fast speeds, and clever new tools have made email marketing more effective than ever before. From AI-enabled content creation and hyper-personalization to perfectly-timed emails and easy automations, it’s an exciting time to be an email marketer.

Let’s embrace this new era of email together! We’re seizing the opportunity to dramatically improve your email campaigns and ensure that your business thrives for many years to come.

FreshMail and MailerLite are email marketing tools that have helped millions of businesses grow by offering user-friendly solutions. Our shared passion for helping people to build long-lasting relationships, especially in this rapidly changing email environment, has inspired a joint initiative to launch an enhanced, future-ready Polish email platform: MailerLite Poland

By combining FreshMail’s strengths of Polish customer support, education, and market expertise with MailerLite’s advanced features like AI tools, drag & drop editors, and automations, you will enjoy the best of both platforms.

Starting today, we’re providing the tools and support to help you transition from FreshMail to MailerLite Poland. And to ensure that all FreshMail clients are prepared for the future of email marketing, the long-term plan is to move everyone to MaileLite Polish by end of February 2025. 

Here's why you'll love MailerLite Poland

Learn more about all of the benefits of the transition that will help you grow your business. Enjoy a new era of email marketing with our brand new solution.

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Here’s all the information you need to begin the process!

When FreshMail launched in 2008, the email marketing landscape in Poland was nothing like it is today. Back then, spam was out of control and there were no Polish-language email tools to help people get the most value out of email marketing.

FreshMail is proud to be one of the first Polish-language email tools on the market! And more importantly, Freshmail helped Polish email marketing become the success it is today by educating people with best practices and anti-spam initiatives like double opt-ins. 

Our commitment to helping the Polish market is stronger than ever, which is why we jumped at the opportunity to team up with MailerLite for the next chapter of Polish email marketing. 

Why is this the best way forward? MailerLite and FreshMail share many of the same values around customer satisfaction (people first!), email deliverability (take responsibility!), and intuitive tools (simplify!). In addition, MailerLite has built a strong global reputation for cutting-edge features and offers one of the best user experiences in the industry.

Badges MailerLite

When you move to MailerLite Poland, you’ll get the same personal service that you expect as a Freshmail client, while benefiting from a faster, easier, more effective email marketing solution.

MailerLite launched as an email marketing software in 2010, and within a few years, grew into a global brand with clients all over the world.

Today, MailerLite is known globally for its easy-to-use advanced tools and award-winning deliverability and customer support. MailerLite recently teamed up with Freshmail to develop a Polish-language version of its platform, and it is now ready for you to give it a try.

FreshMail joins forces with MailerLite

In fact, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial today to experience this MailerLite-Freshmail collaboration and see for yourself.

When you transition to MailerLite Poland, you will immediately enjoy:

  1. Award-winning customer support and access to experts 

You are always supported with local, Polish-speaking email marketing experts. MailerLite and Freshmail have teamed up to create a best-in-class Polish customer service team. You can contact us through chat and email in Polish or English. And for immediate help, you can even call us via phone support!

  1. Drag & drop editors make life easy 

Everyone can now design websites, landing pages, signup forms and newsletters like a professional. MailerLite’s intuitive drag & drop editors are easy to use and include AI tools and advanced features for creating eye-catching designs that delight audiences and boost conversions.

  1. Award-winning email deliverability

High deliverability is one of the greatest advantages of MailerLite (rated #1 in deliverability). The dedicated deliverability team has made it even better for Polish users, delivering more emails faster to Polish email providers such as Onet or WP.  Learn more about deliverability on the Polish market.

  1. AI tools for content and perfectly-timed emails

Use the AI Writing Assistant and AI Subject Line Generator to create content at the speed of light. And the new Smart sending feature powered by AI finds the best shipping time for each subscriber individually. 

  1. Monetizing digital products and newsletters

You can now make extra money using email by promoting and selling digital products and subscriptions that people will love to buy. Create newsletters and landing pages featuring your products and process payments in multiple currencies with a Stripe integration.

You’re just a few steps away from opening a new world of email marketing possibilities. We’ve prepared a step-by-step process to ensure you have a smooth transition to MailerLite Poland.  Everything you need to succeed is explained below.

Get ready for a smooth transition! We are here to support you and make your transition as smooth as possible. That's why we've been working for months to prepare a self-service migration center for you, which is the source of all the information you need to move from FreshMail to MailerLite Poland. 

You will also have access to dedicated experts who will answer all your questions, be with you in the transition process and help you take all the steps. 

Here you’ll find all the resources and information to make a smooth transition to Mailerlite Poland. Every single step is explained in detail, including:

  • Migration steps: We have prepared the entire path from creating an account in MailerLite to canceling an account in FreshMail.

  • Resources: Discover a special place, where you will find all useful migration materials. There you will find, among others, a migration guide and a more extensive FAQ.

  • New MailerLite account: Find out how you can create your account by connecting your FreshMail account with MailerLite.

  • Subscriber migration: Check all information about subscribers migration from FreshMail’s app, including custom fields and subscribers lists, which will be converted into groups

  • Images transfer: Learn how to transfer the most popular images to use in MailerLite.

  • Domain authentication: See how you can do it right complying with new rules from Google and Yahoo.

  • Contact experts: A group of committed people will help you take your first steps in MailerLite and even explain to you how to prepare templates.

Self-service migration center

Start preparing your campaigns for the future of email marketing.

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Let our migration team, experts, and specialists make your transition even better! While the  self-service migration center includes everything you need, we know that sometimes you need to talk to an expert. That's why we have a trained  team that will offer you even more support. 

Let them help you:

  • Migration Team: An interdisciplinary team dedicated to supporting you during the whole transition process. Our FreshMail support members will help you with every transition step, while our Sales specialist will help you find the best plan for you.

  • Migration Specialists: Use their expert help to rebuild one of your newsletter templates and one form template in MailerLite to get you started.

  • MailerLite Experts: hire these professionals who help you with creating newsletters, forms and setting up automation.

The new era of email marketing has begun! And now you’ve got all the tools to join in. You have a self-service migration center, a dedicated place with all the support materials, and most importantly, a group of dedicated people who care about you and are waiting to support you. Come join us!

Have a question?

Check our FAQ page and get the answers you’ll need to succeed.

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Indrė Sizovaitė
Indrė Sizovaitė
I’m Indre, the CMO at MailerLite. I believe that every audience interaction is a chance to build long-lasting relationships. Along with a talented team of marketers, we are dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to share knowledge and provide exceptional value throughout the customer journey.