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Power up your Auto Resend campaigns with Personal Message

Power up your Auto Resend campaigns with Personal Message

We have received tons of positive feedback about our recently introduced Auto Resend feature. We’re glad you enjoy it and reach more subscribers than before.

Today I would like to talk about optimizing its effectiveness to full potential. This can be achieved using a clever personal message.

How to create the personal message in Auto Resend?

Adding a personal message is very simple:

1. Create a New Campaign and select the Auto Resend.

How to create the personal message in Auto Resend

2. Select Create an Auto Resend Campaign by Email subject and personal message. Type in the subject titles, make sure you have the “From” fields filled in and click “Next”.

3. Select the editor of your choice and design the campaign. When ready, click “Done Editing”.

4. In the next step you’ll have to add the personal message, which will appear on top of your original newsletter in the second email.

How to create the personal message in Auto Resend #2

Examples and tips of personal messages

When creating a personal message, keep in mind it will be potentially seen by all subscribers who did not open the first email. The goal is to make sure everyone reading it feels like it was designed specially for them.

Here’s a good example from ad:Tech, reminding about an event they are organizing in London.

Don’t forget to use {$name} tag to address your subscribers – people love reading their names. Make sure to include your signature and details at the bottom – you will look more solid and trustworthy.

Remember our newsletter about the File Manager? We’ve used a personal message and the results were great!

auto resend personal message examples

A simple short message resulted in 11% more opens – that’s 5,000+ new customers reached!

Finally, take a look at a clever way of using segmentation + personal message.

auto resend personal message segmentation

Here the recipients were segmented by their time zone. An intimate personal message like that shows genuine dedication and interest – that’s what really makes the difference!

What are the benefits?

I guess you’ve figured it out by now. It’s all about making the reader feel special and cared for, which results in more clicks and opens. Spending a couple of extra minutes can convert your readers to purchasers in no time!

Check out our previous post for more advantages of personalization.

Have a lite day and happy mailing!