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Why don't I receive out-of-office replies when sending campaigns through MailerLite?

When you send out email campaigns via MailerLite, you might notice that you don't receive out-of-office (OOO) replies from your subscribers. Don’t worry, this isn’t an error. In fact, it’s intentional.

MailerLite, like many bulk emailing services, includes a special header in each email sent out as part of a campaign. This header is known as Precedence: bulk.

When this header is included, email providers like Gmail automatically suppress automatic response messages such as out-of-office notifications. 

Keep in mind, the Precedence: bulk header does not negatively affect how your emails are treated by email providers. It does not lead to your emails being marked as spam or pushed to the Promotions tab. In fact, it helps email providers understand your intent to send bulk emails, which can improve how your emails are handled.

Last time edited: May 2, 2024