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Product Designer

Job description

We’re the people behind MailerLite, a team of creators dedicated to building outstanding online products and industry-leading email marketing software. We launched MailerSend to provide you with the same experience for transactional emails. After 10+ years of sending huge volumes of emails and experiencing similar challenges that you’re facing, we’re now happy to share our solution with you.

MailerSend is a cloud-based transactional email service built for developers, but designed so that the entire team, including designers, project managers, and marketing people, can use it. We are committed to providing a top-notch solution for transactional communication to our clients worldwide. We understand that behind every successful business is a team of passionate and dedicated individuals.

This time, we're looking for a Product Designer who will play a crucial role in shaping the user experience and visual design of our transactional email service. Your innovative ideas and design expertise will contribute to the development of a product that empowers businesses and enhances their communication strategies. 🚀

Why MailerSend?

Wondering why we think you’ll love working for MailerSend? Here are our favorite 6 reasons!

You'll craft with creativity

Great design is at the heart of everything we do, and you'll be the driving force behind it.

You'll grow, develop and evolve

As part of a team that's always looking for new, innovative ways to offer value for customers, you'll constantly be experimenting, learning, and trying out new things.

You'll take ownership

We expect you to take full responsibility and ownership of your tasks. Team leads avoid micromanaging and minimize interruptions so you can stay focused on your assignments.

You'll have experts at hand

Whenever you’re stuck, your teammates with a wide range of different expertise are ready to help you grow. And they’d love for you to share your knowledge too!

You'll pick where you work, every day

We embrace the remote culture. Every day you get to choose what environment makes you most productive.

You'll have stability

We value a stable workplace! MailerLite has been thriving for over 10 years and our year-over-year growth continues to increase.

What you will work on

In this role, as a multidisciplinary Product Designer, you will have the exciting opportunity to shape both the product’s UI and UX. Collaborating closely with cross-functional teams, including developers, project managers, and marketers, you will delve into understanding user needs and translating them into intuitive and visually appealing designs. From crafting user interfaces to creating engaging email templates, you will work on a wide range of design projects, ensuring that every touchpoint delivers a seamless user experience.

When a design is finalised, you will closely collaborate with our development team to ensure the front end aligns perfectly with the intended design. This collaboration aims to maintain consistency and fidelity between the design and the final implementation, ensuring that the product’s visual appeal and functionality are brought to life harmoniously.

This role entails a big focus on UI/UX design, allowing you to utilise your expertise in creating captivating experiences for our users. While it is important to have a good knowledge of HTML and CSS, we do not expect extensive front-end development skills. Instead, your primary focus will be on delivering outstanding design solutions that enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

What we expect from you

  • You've worked as a designer for at least 2 years and have a keenness for identifying user needs, defining clear solutions, and delivering those through detailed design

  • You’re proficient with design tools such as Figma or Sketch

  • You have basic front-end skills (HTML/CSS) and knowledge of development frameworks such as Tailwind or Bootstrap - these abilities are crucial for this role

  • You have practical knowledge of color theory, grid layout, typography, and graphic design

  • You have outstanding attention to detail (when you apply, include the phrase "love my job" somewhere in your application)

  • You're an open-minded person with the ability to adapt and acquire technical knowledge quickly

  • You have excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills in English

  • Huge plus if you have experience in SaaS product design

  • We will be able to consider your application only if you are based in Europe, Africa, or eastern regions of the Americas (EDT and CDT time zones)

Bonus skills

  • You have basic knowledge of Vue.js, Alpine.js or JavaScript in general

  • You have some copywriting experience

What we offer

  • Yearly salary range: $40,000-$75,000 (gross)

  • Remote-first culture with the team working remotely from all over the world

  • International health insurance provided with coverage in most countries. Monthly health care payout available in select countries where coverage is limited

  • Company-paid retreats. Once per year we gather for a week in an exotic location to work, learn and have fun together

  • 31 days of vacation per year. We encourage you to unplug and recharge!

  • 12 paid sick days for your physical and mental well-being, no doctor's note required. Parents can use them to care for their sick children

  • 4 creative days. One paid day off per quarter to do something creative and fun

  • 12 parental days per year. Enjoy one paid day off each month to treasure time with your children

  • Parental leave. Enjoy paid bonding time at 100% of your salary when welcoming a new child into your family through birth or adoption - 3 months of maternity leave and 1 month of paternity leave

  • Parenting budget of $1000. Celebrate the arrival of your little one, whether through childbirth or adoption, with a special gift from us

  • Joy Budget. Annual budget to spend on whatever that brings you joy

  • MacBook and other tools that'll help you to do your job efficiently

  • Check the full list of our awesome benefits here

For more information, visit our Hiring journey and FAQ pages.

Meet your Team Lead


Lead Designer

I'm Šarūnas, Lead Designer at MailerLite. I've been in the company for five years. I enjoy exploring new destinations and cultures through travel. What I value the most in work environment is direct and constructive communication. Our team lives by nurturing our passion for design, generating innovation and creativity. I #lovemyjob because It aligns with my personal values and passions.


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