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Congratulations, you're officially part of MailerLite! After your account is approved, you will have access to the dashboard and many other cool features.

You can use the orange Create campaign quick link to start a new campaign, or use the dropdown arrow to choose from: 

The main dashboard displays your latest campaign and its statistics. Here you can download, edit, copy and do many other things with your already sent campaigns. For example, if you click the thumbnail, you can access a preview of the campaign. You can also click the View report button to access, download and/or print the campaign statistics. You’ll also see the number of recipients, the open rate and the click rate. You can copy or delete the campaign using the gray buttons in the top right corner.

Below the campaign section, you'll see the list of your unique active subscribers (Subscribers). Please remember, these numbers have little to do with your plan. You can have a million unique subscribers listed here and still not pay anything. Your credits only apply to sent emails. On the other hand, if you delete your subscribers after sending your newsletter to 1000 subscribers (or whatever your limit is), you will not be able to send any more newsletters to the subscribers that go above this limit. 

The most important number connected to your limit is the one in the block right next to it (Your plan). This stat is called Unique subscribers used. The unique subscribers include all the subscribers you've sent emails to, even if they have unsubscribed, were bounced or got deleted. This number might be gradually reduced depending on your sendings. It's normal that with each email campaign you lose a couple of subscribers. Read this help article on subscriber management to learn more.

Below the Subscribers section, you can see the subscribers' growth stats on a monthly basis. Here you can see and export the stats for the month.

Then finally at the bottom, you'll see your active automation workflows and the amount of forms you're using.

To learn more, check out this article on understanding your dashboard.

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