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Automated birthday email

Though birthdays get less exciting the older you get, the feeling of being spoiled never gets old. So why not send an automated birthday email? Your subscribers will love to hear from you on their special day—may it be with a surprise discount or a gift to pick up in-store. An automated birthday email is easy to set up, strengthens the customer relationship and can help you increase engagement and sales.

automated birthday email

Never forget another birthday 🎉

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The birthday email automation workflow is triggered when the day and month match the birth date mentioned in the subscriber profile. Your automated birthday email will only be sent out to people who have this information available. The trigger doesn’t take into account the year, meaning your birthday email will be sent out every year from the moment you set it up.

How do I build this workflow?

  1. Create a new workflow and give it a name, for example: “Birthday email”

  2. Select the trigger The anniversary of a date

  3. Select the subscriber group that needs to receive the birthday email

  4. Create a date field (or write birthday if you don’t have the field yet). MailerLite will take information from that field

  5. Leave the Use this date field setting to On, meaning the email will be sent on the day itself. Then select the time

  6. Create a new birthday email. Use personalization to address the reader even more personal, for example by using their name in the birthday email

  7. Turn the workflow on

Do you want to make it personalized? For example, only send automated birthday emails to customers that are older than 50?

To do so, you need to add a condition above the New birthday email step. In the workflow, click on the plus sign and add a Condition based on custom fields. Then select the option “birthday” “is before” “1969-01-01“ (these people will be 50+ in 2019, change the year to change the age).

The subscribers with the green thumbs up will then receive the birthday email (you need to set this up) and the subscribers with the red thumbs down will receive nothing (you can leave it empty).

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