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Gediminas3 min readNew Features & UpdatesJune 9, 2016

Introducing user permissions

Introducing user permissions

We are steadily approaching 200,000 users now. With the growing number of our customers, there’s also a growing need for customizations.

We recognize that while some of you are managing your account alone, there’s also lots of you who have a whole team for this purpose. Some are creating the design, others provide the content and finally an admin checks if the campaign looks good and hits the “Send” button. Oh, and don’t forget the geek who is doing the analytical part afterwards!

All these people might need some proper management and restrictions. With this in mind, we are happy to introduce you user permissions.

Adding a new user

If you’ve been working alone, you’ll need to add at least one more user (your friend or colleague) to access the user permission control panel:

  1. Select “Users” from your user menu in the top right corner.
  2. Click “Add new user”.
  3. Enter email address.
  4. Select user type (more about this in the next paragraph) and click “Invite user to join”.

An invitation email will be sent to your friend or colleague. You can see all pending invitations in your “Users” page. Here you can cancel an invitation or resend it.

User types

We have created 4 different user types with different permission levels. You can compare these with different roles in larger organizations or companies:

  • Administrator – has full access and can perform all actions in the account. Grant this only to someone you fully trust.
  • Manager – has full control, but can’t access billing, export subscribers, add new users or delete an account.
  • Viewer – can only view reports. This could be the geek I mentioned earlier.
  • Accountant – can only access bills. Someone has to check it, right?

Select these roles carefully and keep in mind that other administrators will have the same access as you. You can always edit the permission level from your “Users” page – simply click the “Edit” button.

Customizing user permissions

Of course, we don’t want to limit you to these 4 user types. Therefore, we added a complete customization of permission options for a new user!

  1. Simply add a new user and select “Custom user”.
  2. Now, select sections of your account that the user has access to.

You can customize access to webforms, automation, campaigns, subscribers and other account settings from user menu.

While managing access to campaigns, it’s important to note that if you don’t select “Can see all campaigns” – the user will only see what he creates (assuming you grant him that option). It’s also possible to enable access to already created specific campaigns – click on “Select specific” and tick which campaigns are accessible.

The same applies for Subscribers section – you can grant the user access to specific groups of subscribers. Once you’re done, click “Invite user to join”.

We sincerely hope that this feature will help you to optimize your MailerLite account management. Assigning roles to your team is also fun and lets you feel like a real chairman of your email marketing!