1 min readNew Features & UpdatesOctober 27, 2011

Mobile friendly emails are here!

Mobile friendly emails are here!

From now, every email you create and send with MailerLite will be optimized for mobile devices. Your subscribers, opening emails with their mobile phones, will have much better user experience.

Why mobile emails are important?

Opening and reading emails on mobile devices is growing rapidly. According to recent research by Litmus – in last six months mobile device opens increased by 150%. Overall, more than 15% of subscribers are reading emails on their mobile phones today.

How it works?

MailerLite automatically optimizes all emails for mobile devices. First of all, the email has to fit into a small screen without any additional scroll bars. Moreover, in mobile optimized email images have to be resized to smaller and font-size has to be big enough for convenient reading. Finally, links and buttons have to be bigger as you will have to click with your finger.