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Newsletter Header Design

Newsletter Header Design

So. How to go about making a great impression… Well. Let’s start at the very top. Your newsletter header design graphic.

Q: Just how important is it to have your own fantastic email header design?

The first thing your readers will see is your newsletter header. It’s essential that the design both captures and holds their attention. With it you’ll be making a visual statement about your brand. Make it count!

Your email newsletter header design graphic is a great way to lure your readers in and get them interested in what you have to say. The chances are if your header design is weak you might well be kissing potential customers goodbye. And that’s before they’ve read a single word!

Find Newsletter Header Design Inspiration right here by taking a look at some great header examples by our own customers:

Three Ways to Create a Great Email Newsletter Header Design

1. Do it Yourself.

If you are going to create your own design then please don’t be tempted to use just your logo as the header image. Background photos are the way forward! For good free photos check out Stock.XCHNG, Freerange Stock, Morguefile or…. iStockPhoto is also fantastic, great images for a few dollars!

Once you’ve found the perfect photo make it your own!
Edit with simple tools like Aviary, PicMonkey or Photoshop Online. Your chosen image might look pretty cool if you run it through an Instagram filter? ( Just a thought! ) Of course you’ll want to add your company logo and tagline to brand the completed design.

Better still. Why not use a photo of your shop, product or team? That works too!

2. Hire a Pro Designer.

It’s worth considering having your header created for you by a pro. Yes, header images really are THAT important! As it’s the static image that sits at the top of all your email newsletters you’ll only ever have to have it created once. Might as well make it really glorious!

You can try finding a designer on 99designs or CrowdSpring.

3. Ask us. We’re professional and free!

We’ve got tons of experience in creating really good header images for our customers! And, although we hate to say it ourselves, always have fantastic newsletter header design ideas.

As one of our customers you can simply send us info (lots!) about your company and we’ll design your header image for you. Free!

Absolutely Free Newsletter Header Designs at MailerLite – contact us now!

Look! Here’s some we’ve already created for our customers: