Optimize Your Email Signup Form in 3 Minutes

Optimize Your Email Signup Form in 3 Minutes

Does your email signup form look similar to the one above?

You SHOULD read the post.

In this post, I’ll give you practical tips on how to optimize your form.

STEP #1. Give me a good reason to sign up!

Just like with any other offer, you need to give your prospects a good reason to say YES.

Think about it this way: You’re asking to give you personal information, but what are you going to give them in return?

Write a description of the benefits to subscribing, what kind of information, and how frequently it’s published.

Here’s an example from the newsletter signup form on ContentVerve.com. They added a few bullets clarifying what free updates from ContentVerve.com consist of.

This simple exercise in clarifying value and relevance resulted in an 83.75% increase in sign-ups!

sign up form optimisation

+ you offer may offer something free with the subscription.

People always get fascinated towards the word free. If you offer something like a software download or a discount offer along with the subscription, then your visitors will be more interested to subscribe with you.

STEP #2. Even button title should show benefits.

Yes, even button title can make a huge difference.

Focus on what will your customer GET, not what they have to do.

Why should I fill out this form? Usually answering that question entails clarifying value and focusing on what the prospect will get – instead of what he or she has to do in order to get it.

Here’s an example from BettingExpert.com where a few simple tweaks to the form copy increased sign-ups by 31.54%.

sign up form optimisation case

STEP #3. Reduce Form-Fields.

Lesser the work for your visitors, higher the conversions.

Expedia removed the “Company” field from their forms which increased their yearly revenue by $12 million. Do you need any bigger proof than this?

Try to ask only the bare minimum here. Remember, you can always ask for more details later.

STEP #4. Test different colours.

The signup form should be highly visible on the page. Choose the contrasting colours that pop out in your website. Put the sign up form in several places.

How does this work in MailerLite?


Go to “Webforms” and click “Add new Webform” or edit the old one:

signup form editor