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Ignas1 min readNew Features & UpdatesMay 30, 2017

When will MailerLite have Subscriber Tagging? (updated)

When will MailerLite have Subscriber Tagging? (updated)
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Interest Groups (Subscriber Tagging)

We built an amazing real-time subscriber filter.

You will be able to add filter conditions based on:

  • Groups (belongs to all, doesn’t belong to all, belongs to any, doesn’t belong to any, is not in any group)
  • Fields: email, name and all other custom fields (equals, does not equal, contains, does not contain, is set, is not set)
  • Segments (belongs to, does not belong to)
  • Sign-up source (is, is not)
  • Sign-up date (is before, is after)
  • Time zone (is, is not)
  • Campaigns (was sent, was not sent, was opened, was not opened, was clicked, was not clicked)
  • Automation workflows (active in, not active in, has completed, has not completed)
  • Email inactivity (have not opened or clicked any of their last X emails)
  • Time inactive (have not opened or clicked an email in the last X days)

Save the filter conditions as a Segment with one click. Later use Segments for sending campaigns or automation.