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9 promotion pop-up ad examples that enhance the website experience

· 12 min read · New features and updates · May 31, 2021

Think about your last visit to an offline store. Do you remember seeing signs throughout the store helping you find the right section or informing you of a new sale? Did those signs interrupt your experience or enhance it?

Promotion pop-ups work the same way. While most pop-ups in online advertising tend to interrupt the experience, promotional pop-up ads should help your visitors get the most out of their visit by sharing relevant information. And in a world of short attention spans, pop-up windows are your best tool to catch people’s attention.

Let’s take a closer look at how to create promotional pop-up ads in MailerLite, and then explore real pop-up examples that will inform and inspire you to start using them on your website.

When you click on the Promotions tab on the Forms page, you will have the option of choosing from these 8 different templates below.

promotion pop-up templates

Each promotion pop-up template is meant to help you achieve specific goals.

  1. Mystery sale pop-up: For when you have a special event or offer of the day and you want to grab your visitor’s attention and create intrigue.

  2. Survey pop-up: For when you want to collect customer feedback. This template includes a survey as well as a sign-up form.

  3. Countdown pop-up: For when you’re running special offers that have an expiration date. The countdown timer is an excellent device to communicate urgency.

  4. Product pop-up: For when you want to let your visitors know about a new product or a specific product sale.

  5. Mobile app pop-up: For when you want to promote your mobile apps or some different types of content.

  6. Webinar pop-up: For when you want to promote a webinar and direct visitors to a registration page.

  7. Social pop-up: For when you want to connect your visitors with your social media channels to give them the full brand experience.

  8. Pop-up announcement: For when you have news or other important information that affects your visitors, such as planned maintenance, changes in your privacy policy, etc.

All of these templates are customizable. You can control the design and set the behavior of the pop-up. Moreover, you’ll be able to track conversions of each pop-up as well.

You have complete control over the design of your pop-up advertisement to complement your website. As with every design task in MailerLite, it’s very easy to use with the drag & drop editor.

Each template has the same 3 form types as subscribe pop-ups:

1. Pop-up is the traditional pop-up that appears in the center of the screen. This type is meant for your most important information as it completely alters the reading experience. When you use this pop-up, make sure it’s for a good reason.

2. Bar is a pop-up that sticks to either the top or bottom of your page. If you want to deliver a message, but it’s not worth stopping the reader in their tracks, this is the most subtle and least intrusive approach.

To choose whether you want the Bar on the top or at the bottom, click the Settings tab to switch the form’s position between Top/Bottom.

3. Slidebox pop-ups appear by sliding into the corner of the page. These are most effective when someone is about to finish reading the page. You can set this type of action in the behavior settings. (We’ll show you in the following section.)

You can choose to display the Slidebox pop-up on the Left or Right side of your page via the Settings tab.

pop-up form types

You can control when you want to show your promotion pop-ups by changing the behavior settings. These are the exact same settings that are used with our subscribe pop-up feature. They include Mode, Frequency, Schedule, and Visibility.

Mode enables you to set the timing of the pop-up. For example, you can have the pop-up ad appear after a certain amount of time, after the page has been scrolled to a certain point, or when the visitor is just about to leave.

Frequency gives you control of when a visitor will see the same pop-up again. It’s important that you don’t annoy your visitors, so this is an important setting to consider.

Schedule is a new setting that allows you to control when you want to start and end the pop-up campaign. To use this feature, set the pop-up to Active. For example, you can create a pop-up, schedule it to be active May 1 – May 30, and not have to worry about remembering to activate or disable it.

Visibility lets you decide which pages or devices will show the pop-up. Use this setting to display targeted pop-up adverts that are highly relevant to those specific pages.

pop-up settings

In addition to delivering important messages to your website visitors, your promotion pop-ups also help you redirect visitors to new pages where you want them to do something.

For example, you might want to use a shopping deals pop-up to send them to your sales page to buy a product. When you use pop-ups to achieve a goal, you’ll want to measure how it’s working by tracking conversions.

You can activate conversion tracking by clicking the checkbox under the button URL link. (see below)

Promotion pop-up conversion tracking

You also have access to a dashboard where you can monitor how many pop-ups were shown (impressions) and how many conversions each pop-up ad generated (clicks on a specific button).

Promotion pop-up statistics

With visibility into your promotion pop-up campaigns, you’ll be able to experiment and test different offers and messaging to determine what works best for your audience. 

1. Offer a coupon code

Coupon pop-ups work really well to drive short-term sales on your e-commerce store, especially if you raise the urgency by adding an expiration date to the code. Set up a traditional pop-up ad to appear when your visitor first arrives with the information.

countdown pop-up example

After the initial homepage pop-up, set up a recurring Bar type pop-up to display on every page that will remind the visitor of the timeliness of the offer. Because the pop-up remains on the very top or very bottom of each page of your online store, people can choose to ignore it if they are not interested.

bar pop-up example

Displaying a bar pop-up on product pages will also help to reduce cart abandonment.

2. Collect customer feedback

The best way for marketers to improve user experience is to get feedback directly from visitors.

MailerLite’s survey email block is an effective tool for asking your email subscribers questions through email, and now the new Survey pop-up template enables you to ask website visitors who might not be on your email list. Even better, you get to ask people for their opinions while they are experiencing your brand.

You can set up a Survey pop-up to ask them how you can improve or try an NPS survey to gauge their satisfaction directly after they make a purchase or read a blog post.

survey pop-up example

3. Promote your best-selling product

If you run an e-commerce store, chances are you have a few popular products that customers tend to gravitate towards. Use the Product pop-up advertisement to highlight one of your best-selling products to your new visitors. Entice them with a discount for first-time buyers.

product pop-up example

Not only will you gain new customers, but you’ll be able to test and measure which products help you the most.

4. Encourage social engagement

Once people visit your site, you want to extend the experience with your brand. The second best way to continue your engagement is through your social media channels. (The best way, of course, is Email Marketing). Take advantage of the Social pop-up advert to encourage people to visit your social pages. Make sure when they get there, they can immediately see the value of becoming a follower.

social pop-up example

5. Create a sense of urgency

Using the Countdown pop-up template is a sure-fire way to create urgency. Including a visual time limit for purchasing a product, booking a slot in a webinar or using an expiring coupon code, encourages visitors to place an order before the time runs out. It's a small addition that can have a big impact on your conversion and click-through rates.

Countdown pop-up example

6. Hold a competition 

Running a  competition is an excellent way to bump up engagement with your brand, collect subscribers and grow your audience. By using a promotion pop-up to advertise your competition, all website visitors have a chance to participate. While only a few entrants will be winners, you’ll have the opportunity to develop new relationships and make more sales in the future.

competition pop-up example

7. Get more app downloads

If you have an app related to your website content, don’t assume people will find it. Advertise your app to your website visitors to get as many app downloads as possible.

download app pop-up example

8. Give away free content

The best way to turn a new website visitor into an email subscriber is by giving away free content. You may want to create a giveaway promotion as an exit-intent pop-up so that visitors who weren’t convinced straight away might be enticed by the free content before they leave.

giveaway pop-up example

9. Advertise a sale

Sale pop-ups are a popular use of promotion pop-ups among online retailers. Show potential customers how much they’ll save, how long they have before the sale is over, and what they’ll be getting when they click that “buy now” button.

Sale pop-up example

Running sales on your e-commerce store gives you the opportunity of upselling or cross-selling to new customers, which drives sales and increases your customers’ average order value.

The simple answer: they WORK. Pop-ups have experienced a complete makeover, from an annoying interrupter to a helpful guide. But, there is a huge caveat. You have to use pop-ups wisely.

When you develop pop-ups to enhance your customer experience, you are on the right track. You can test things like frequency, the volume of pop-ups, and the visibility of the close button to make sure you aren’t annoying your visitors. Start slow and see how it goes.

For additional inspiration including other types of pop-ups read more about pop-ups and great examples.

*Promotion pop-ups are only available on MailerLite premium plans.

What kind of promotion pop-up ads do you use? Let us know in the comments below! 

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