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Promotion pop-up forms overview

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We’re about to make sure no one will ever miss your promotions again. With 8 new pop-up templates, all your promotional needs are covered.

To use the promotions forms, first go to Forms, then click on the Promotion tab and hit Create promotion. Give your form a name and move on to the next step. Here you’ll see 8 different promotion templates.

The first one is a mystery sale pop-up, which you can use on a specific day and direct to your promotion page.

The next one is a powerful survey pop-up. You can use these on any page and even run surveys for specific articles or pages. The answers are automatically saved in your MailerLite account.

The third is a countdown pop-up that counts down to a certain time and date. Then we have the product pop-up, that highlights one product (and is perfect to announce a new release, for example). The mobile app pop-up can be used to promote your app, as it has buttons that link to your Apple and Google Play store.

Then there’s the webinar pop-up. It comes with a funky little image (that’s customizable) and motivates visitors to sign up for your upcoming webinar.

You can also use a social pop-up, which asks people to like your Facebook page. Finally, there’s the announcement pop-up. This one is useful if you want to make an announcement, such as an out-of-office notification or scheduled website maintenance.

Browse the list underneath to see the detailed tutorial videos on each template.

You can also read this knowledge base article on how to create a pop-up form.

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