Popup form overview

The popup form feature allows you to create beautiful, timed popups. To create a popup form, click forms in the top menu, find the Popups tab, and then click Create Popup. Give it a name, save it and continue. Choose your subscriber group, then a template and tweak it to your liking.

Our forms are responsive. You can test how they will look like on mobile by clicking the top mobile toggle button. When you finish editing, click Done Editing. You will be taken to the settings page where you can choose several behavior options:

  • A timed delay will set a time before showing your popup.
  • You can set the amount of distance that the person will have to scroll down the page before the popup shows up.
  • Lastly, you can set to show a popup before the user closes the page. Our intelligent code will understand when the user is about to close the page and will prompt the popup.

You can also set the frequency when the popup will show up to users who haven’t yet subscribed and you can set specific pages for the popup to show up. After you are done, you can just paste the code on your website or use our official plugin.