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Pop-up forms overview

The pop-up form feature allows you to create beautiful, timed pop-ups.

To create a pop-up form, click Forms from the top menu, find the Pop-ups tab, and then click Create pop-up. Give it a name, save your form and continue. Then choose your subscriber group, a template and tweak the form and success page until you’ll love the way they look. You can change things like colors, fonts, alignment, background, etc.

All of our forms are responsive. To see what your form looks like on mobile, click on the top mobile toggle button.

You can easily undo any chances you've made by reversing the history.

When you’ve finished editing, click Done editing. On the settings page you can choose from a variety of behavioral options:

  • Set a timed delay to wait before showing your pop-up

  • Set the amount of distance that the person will have to scroll down the page before the pop-up shows up

  • Set to show a pop-up before the user closes the page. Our intelligent code will understand when the user is about to close the page and will prompt the pop-up.

With the frequency, you control how often the pop-up will show up to users who haven’t yet subscribed and on what specific pages the pop-up is shown. After you’re done, you can implement the pop-up by copying the code and adding it on your website or using our official plugin.

You can also create your own success page (or add you own link that people should be redirected to). This is the page that's shown once people have signed up for your email list.

For more information, take a look at these help articles on how to create a pop-up form and how to hide/show a pop-up form on specific pages.

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