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Embedded forms overview

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Want to easily collect new subscribers for your newsletter? In this video, you’ll learn how to implement an embedded form on your website.

To create an embedded form, go to the Forms section. Then, click on Create embedded form. Give your form a name and assign the subscriber group you’d like to use. Next, design your embedded form in the editor.

When you’re done editing, you can preview your form and use the automatically generated embed code. You’ll need this code for every page you want to embed your form on. We also have a handy WordPress plugin for this available.

You can also choose to have your form shown up as a pop-up.

Once your embedded form is up and running and new subscribers start coming in, the stats will automatically show up under Stats.

Under the Success message tab, you can design the landing page that tells people they’ve successfully confirmed their subscription. Alternatively, you can redirect people to a page of your liking by using your own URL.

To learn more, check out this Help article:

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