Forms overview

Ready to collect more subscribers? Your email list starts with a signup form.

If you’re in your dashboard and click Forms, you’ll see 3 tabs: pop-ups, landing pages and embedded forms. There are separate videos on how to create each one of these forms.

For now, let's do a quick overview of the tabs.

  • Pop-ups: This feature allows you to create beautifully timed pop-ups that appear when you want them to (for example, after a certain amount of time, when a user scrolls to the bottom of the page or when the user is about to leave your website).
  • Landing pages: This feature gives you access to the landing page templates and lets you create a mini website using our simple drag & drop editor.
  • Embedded forms: This feature allows you to create a signup form that you can place directly on your website. You’ll also use this option when you want to create a signup form for your Facebook page.

If you use WordPress, you can also open the menu from the upper right and install the integration. Then you can create a subscribe button with a pop-up.

Each of these features also allows you to create a thank you and success message, dedicated double opt-in confirmation email and confirmation page. We’ll have instruction videos for each of these features available, just check them out in the list underneath.