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Forms overview

Ready to collect more subscribers? Your email list starts with a signup form.

If you’re in your dashboard and click Forms, you’ll see 3 tabs: pop-ups, embedded forms and promotions. There are separate videos on how to create these forms.

For now, let's do a quick overview of the tabs.

  • Pop-ups: This feature allows you to create beautifully timed pop-ups that appear when you want them to (for example, after a certain amount of time, when a user scrolls to the bottom of the page or when the user is about to leave your website).

  • Embedded forms: This feature allows you to create a signup form that you can place directly on your website. You’ll also use this option when you want to create a signup form for your Facebook page. It is GDPR-friendly, just like the pop-ups feature. Watch the tutorial here.

  • Promotions: Promotion pop-ups are enhancing the customer experience on your website by delivering important and timely messages that your visitors need. These don't have a subscription field, and are mostly used to catch your visitors' attention. Read more here.

When you select your pop-up template, you will have access to our form builder. Here, you can edit the colors, images and text to your liking. You can also select the positioning of your form (e.g. left, full-screen, at the bottom). There are also blocks that you can add in, such as countdowns and social links.

With embedded forms, you can copy the preview link and use it the same way you would use a landing page. For example, in a Facebook ad, you could link to the preview, where people would be able to enter their details and sign up. Check out this article to learn more about how to create embedded forms.

For promotion pop-ups, you can promote mystery sales, surveys, countdowns, products, mobile apps, webinars, social media, scheduled maintenance, festive themes and limited-time discounts. You can access the full tutorial for promotion pop-ups here.

If you use WordPress, you can also open the menu from the upper right and install the integration. Then you can create a subscribe button with a pop-up.

Each of these features also allows you to create a thank you and success message, dedicated double opt-in confirmation email and confirmation page. We’ll have instruction videos for each of these features available, just check them out in the list underneath.

For more information, check out our collection of Help articles on forms.

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