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Integrating MailerLite with WordPress

Looking for an easy way to integrate your signup forms on your WordPress website? This plugin makes collecting subscribers super easy.

To integrate your MailerLite account with WordPress, go to the top right dropdown menu and choose Integrations. Choose WordPress and copy the account API key at the bottom of the page.

Then log in to your WordPress dashboard. Go to PluginsAdd New and search for MailerLite. Install the Official MailerLite Sign up Forms and once it’s installed, click the button again to activate the plugin.

Click on the MailerLite menu option on the left. Go to the settings and paste your MailerLite API key. Now you can build pop-up forms with your MailerLite account and have them show up on any page of your website.

To create a new signup form, go to your WordPress dashboard and click MailerLite Sign up forms. Click Add new and make sure Custom signup form is selected. Now create a new form and give it a name, title, description, success message and any other details you may need. Select the field you want your subscribers to use and connect the form to the chosen MailerLite group. Now click Save and go back to your list of forms.

To connect a form from your MailerLite account, first make sure you have created an embedded form in your MailerLite account. If you have, select Form created using MailerLite (Embed and button). If you want to edit the form, you will have to do this from your MailerLite account. Then click on Create form and go back to your forms.

To add the form to a post, create or open an existing post. Then, click the green MailerLite icon in the toolbar. Choose you form and click Add shortcode. Wherever you integrate the shortcode, readers will be able to sign up for your newsletter.

To add a form to your sidebar, click on Appearance in the menu on the left and then choose Widgets. Drag and drop your MailerLite signup form widget to your selected sidebar. Then select your form and click Save.

You can also read this article which explains how to use MailerLite with WordPress for more information.

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