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Integrating MailerLite with SquareSpace

Important! This integration works with the MailerLite Classic version only. If you aren't sure which version of MailerLite you're using, click here to find out.

To see options for integrating the new MailerLite with Squarespace, check 3rd party integrations such as Zapier.

Or, create an embedded form within MailerLite and then copy/paste the HTML code to your Squarespace site directly.

How to integrate

Our Squarespace integration allows you to collect subscribers directly from their newsletter block.

To set up the Squarespace integration, go to the MailerLite Integrations page. Choose Squarespace and flip the integration status ON. Choose the list you wish to connect to and hit Save.

Copy the Javascript code provided in the Integrations page.

Now log in to Squarespace. Go to Settings, Advanced, Code Injection and paste the code in the header.

Then return to Pages and choose the page you want to add the form to.

To edit the embedded form, click on the pencil icon in the top left corner. You will then be able to access all the settings for the form. 

Go to Storage and select Connect other services. Go to the bottom, click Google Drive and select Allow, then give it a name. Then click Apply

The embedded form will now work with your MailerLite account. Anyone who signs up will go to the group you chose in the integrations section of your MailerLite account. 

Go back to the home page of your Squarespace account and select Site availability. Click Public, so that anyone can see it, and hit Save

Please note: This will only work in the Business and Commerce plans in Squarespace. 

Also note: Embedded forms and MailerLite pop-ups can be set up directly, however, this does not work the same for promotional pop-ups that you make with Squarespace, as it functions a little differently compared to our own integration. 

For more information about integrating Squarespace with MailerLite, check out our help article.

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