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How to integrate Squarespace forms with MailerLite

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Collect subscriber information effortlessly by integrating your Squarespace forms directly with your MailerLite account.

💡 Important

For the Squarespace and MailerLite integration to function correctly:

  • Your Squarespace site must be on a Business or Commerce plan. The integration features, including the essential Code Injection capability, are not available on Personal plans.

  • Your site must be live and not in maintenance mode.

In MailerLite:

  1. Navigate to Integrations

  2. Locate Squarespace and click Use.

3. Choose the group(s) in MailerLite that your Squarespace subscribers should be added into.  

4. Copy the Javascript code provided. 

In Squarespace:

  1. Choose the site you would like to integrate with MailerLite forms. 

  2. Open the Code Injection panel. Or, go to Website > Utilities > Website Tools > Code Injection

  3. Paste the provided JavaScript snippet into the Header section.

4. Click Save.

Return to your site editor in Squarespace. You can now add subscriber forms either through Blocks (choosing Newsletter or Forms) or by adding a new section that includes any form with an opt-in checkbox.

Once the JavaScript snippet for the MailerLite integration has been successfully injected into your Squarespace site, the next step is to add subscriber forms. 

To begin:

  1. Navigate to the page editor and select the page where you wish to add the subscriber form. This could be your homepage, a dedicated subscription page, or any other relevant section of your site.

  2. Add a block. Click on a point where you'd like to add the form. Squarespace will present you with different block options.

Choose your block:

  • For newsletters: Select the Newsletter block for a straightforward subscription form. This block is designed specifically for capturing email addresses and integrating them with mailing lists.

  • For custom forms: Choose the Form block for more detailed forms. This option allows you to add various field types, including name, email, and custom fields.

3. Customize your form. In the block settings, you can customize the form fields, button text, and post-submit message.

⚠️ Opt-in/signup checkbox required

The integration is designed to function with forms that include an opt-in/signup checkbox within the email field. This is important for complying with legal standards and for ensuring that subscribers actively consent to receive communications from you.

Many default forms provided within Squarespace section blocks do not include a signup checkbox by default. It's crucial to manually add this checkbox to your forms to enable the integration.

1. On the page you're working on, switch to Edit mode to modify content.

2. Use the + icon to add a new section.

3. Squarespace offers various pre-designed section templates that include forms. Choose one that fits your site's design and your needs. Be sure to incorporate an opt-in checkbox to the email field.

4. Like with the blocks, customize the form's fields, appearance, and submission settings to match your requirements

⚠️ Field forms

The following fields can be added from your Squarespace forms to your MailerLite subscriber list:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

Should your Squarespace form include additional fields (e.g., Subject, Message), these will not be transferred to MailerLite. However, the integration will still work if extra subscriber fields are present.

Once you have added the MailerLite Universal tracking script to your Squarespace site, you can easily add pop-up forms to your site. 

First, create a new pop-up form in your MailerLite account and activate it. 

After refreshing your Squarespace site, the form should appear based on its Visibility settings in MailerLite (e.g., display after 5 seconds). Data collected will sync to the designated subscriber group in MailerLite.

Have multiple forms?

Using the one MailerLite Javascript means if multiple forms are enabled in MailerLite, they will all display on your Squarespace site. To limit this, you can adjust the Visibility settings for each form in MailerLite by adding your Squarespace site’s URL.

See How to fix a pop-up form showing on multiple websites.

To add an embedded form that was created in your MailerLite account to your Squarespace website:

In MailerLite:

First, create a new Embedded form and enable it.

Scrolling down in the form Overview, you will see two Javascript snippets. The first begins with

<!-- MailerLite Universal -->

And the second is much shorter. Copy the second Javascript snippet.

In Squarespace:

1. Add a new Code box.

2. Insert the second Javascript snippet there. Ensure Display Source Code remains disabled.

3. Refresh your site to see the embedded MailerLite form. Keep in mind the form will not be shown in Edit mode and the page must be accessed in Preview mode or via a live link in order for the form to show.

All data collected will be synchronized with the designated MailerLite subscriber group(s).

You can use our Squarespace integration to connect a Newsletter block on your Squarespace website to your MailerLite account.

Important! This integration works with the MailerLite Classic version only. If you aren't sure which version of MailerLite you're using, click here to find out.

At this time, we are still building integrations for the new version of MailerLite and a direct integration with Squarespace is not yet available. To see options for integrating the new MailerLite with Squarespace, check 3rd party integrations such as Zapier.

Another option is to create an embedded form within MailerLite and then copy/paste the HTML code to your Squarespace site directly.

To set up the Squarespace integration:

1. Use the main dropdown menu to navigate to the Integrations page.

  1. Find Squarespace and click Use.

  2. Scroll down and toggle the integration status to On.

  3. Select the group into which subscribers of your Newsletter block will be added and click Save.

  1. Scroll down and copy the JavaScript snippet as instructed.

  1. Log in to your Squarespace website.

  2. Go to Settings followed by Advanced.

  3. Click Code injection.

  1. Paste your JavaScript snippet into the Header field and click Save.

  1. Navigate back to the page containing your Newsletter block and click Edit.

  2. Click your Newsletter block followed by the pencil icon.

  1. Select the Storage tab.

  2. Click Connect other services.

  3. Select Google Drive (you’ll need a Google account for this step).

In order for the MailerLite Squarespace integration to work, you must ensure that your subscribers are not being pulled by other services such as Squarespace’s native email campaigns. This is why you need to select Google Drive for storage.

  1. Name your Google sheet and click Apply.

That’s it! Subscribers who complete the form in your Newsletter block will be pulled by MailerLite into the group you selected on your integration page.

In order for the integration to function, your Squarespace plan must be a Business or Commerce plan and your site must be live. The integration will not work in maintenance mode.

If you have any questions, contact our friendly support team and we will gladly assist you.

Please note: While we’re happy to help with any issues taking place on our end, we do not have access your accounts with other apps or tools, even if they are connected to your Mailerlite account. This limits the support we can offer, so we encourage reaching out directly to the support team of those third-party tools for better assistance

In this case, Squarespace’s support page can be found here

Last time edited: Mar 29, 2024