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Checkboxes and marketing permissions

With the GDPR in its full force, it’s important to do things by the book. With MailerLite, you can easily make your forms GDPR compliant, add checkboxes and segment your subscribers.

Go to Forms and choose one of the forms. For this example, we’ll use a pop-up. Give your form a name, choose one or more groups and pick a template. In the editor, navigate to Settings.

The confirmation checkbox is mandatory, a person will not be able to sign up if they don’t check this box.

The second one is marketing permissions. If you’re just sending emails (not send custom ads or run SMS marketing), you don’t necessarily need all these boxes. We do recommend adding a link to your privacy policy. You can change the order and delete checkboxes under the Options tab.

The interest groups are for people to choose what group they want to subscribe to.

Let’s say you have a website about animals and offer different newsletters for different animals. You can use the interest groups to let people pick what animal they want to receive newsletters about. You can automatically have people sign up groups by making the option hidden. Note that you will see the text in the editor (since you need to know where to click to edit the block), but you will not see the text your final form. Switch to the preview mode to see this for yourself.

If you want to tag subscribers so you know what form they used to sign up, you can use hidden segmentation fields and create custom fields (here’s the article on how to do that). For example, the animal website creates a specific landing page for dog lovers. By using a hidden custom field named Dog, each subscriber will automatically get this label after they’ve signed up. This is useful for your future newsletters.

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