Popup on Click Event

Use the "Popup on Click Event" feature, if you want your popups to show when someone clicks an image, link, or button on your blog or website.

To access this feature, go to your embedded forms, find the form you want to use in your popups, and click "get embed code".

You should now see the codes (scripts) you can use on your site. Next click the "Popup on Click Event" tab, and here you'll have access to all the "click event" codes.

For the button code just replace "Click here to show popup" with what you want your readers to see on the button.

For the text or image popup, just put the text or image that you want to trigger the popup in the place of the words "Click here to show popup".

Make sure you're using the "source code" editor and not a wysiwyg editor when pasting these codes.