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Pop-up on click event

Want to turn your text, images and buttons into clickable pop-ups? In this video, you’ll learn how to display a pop-up when someone clicks on a link, photo or button.

To use the Pop-up on click event feature, go to the Forms tab. Now you can use either the Pop-ups tab or the Embedded forms tab. For this example, we’ll use the latter. Now find a form you’ve created and click Get embed code. Here are all the scripts you need, these should be inserted on each page you want to add the pop-up too. Usually, the CMS has a special spot to implement this code and showcase it on every page.

Click on the Show pop-up on click event tab. Here you'll have access to all the click event Javascript codes. If you want the pop-up to show on a click event, then the Javascript code must be added.

To create a button pop-up, copy the code in the second grey table. This will create a button in your post. The code under it is for when you want to show your pop-up whenever a link is clicked. You can use this code to display your form when someone clicks on text or an image.

After copying the code, go to your CMS and add a new blog post. We use WordPress for this example. When creating a new blog, make sure you’re using the source code editor (this is the Text tab next to Visual in WordPress).

For the button, copy and paste the code and replace the sentence Click here to show pop-up with your own button CTA. The button style is the same as you have set on your blog. If you want to change your button, you need to change this setting on your blog.

For the link click pop-up, copy and paste the code and replace the sentence Click here to show pop-up with text or the image code.

Then click Publish and view your new pop-up post.

Note: If you’re using WordPress, sometimes when you change between the visual and text editor tabs, the pop-up information in the source editor gets lost. Just refresh the page and your information will be back. Avoid pressing the Update button, then you’ll need to add the information again.

For more information, take a look at this knowledge base article on how to create a pop-up form.

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