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Social Media embedded in your newsletters

Looking for a quick way to share your social media posts in your emails? In this tutorial, you’ll learn exactly how to do this.

First, click Create campaign from your dashboard. Give your new campaign a name and click Next. Choose the new drag & drop editor, then click on the dropdown menu item that says All blocks on Social Media. You can then drag and drop Twitter and Facebook posts and Facebook event building blocks. For sharing events, you need to be the event admin and have an integration installed (you’ll find the instructions for that here).

The Facebook posts can be used to share posts from your business account (not your personal one). To copy the link needed, go to your Facebook page and look for the timestamp underneath each post. This is the link you need. Right click on the date and select Copy Link Address. Then go back to your MailerLite Facebook block and paste the link. The same goes for Twitter. Once you click Save, your Facebook posts and Tweets will automatically be shown in your newsletter. Easy peasy!

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