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Stripe settings

To access the Stripe integration, go to your dashboard and select the dropdown menu in the top right corner. Select Integrations, and scroll through the list until you find Stripe. Click the grey Use button. If you aren’t yet connected to Stripe, follow the setup instructions on the page.

To use Stripe, click on Sites from your dashboard. Here, you can create a website or a landing page, and add one of the blocks we have prepared for Stripe. After you have created the website or landing page with the Stripe block, click the name of the website or landing page in your Sites page.

You will then see the Stripe menu item at the top of the page. If you select it, you can access the internal settings.

  • Analytics: These will show all of your purchase statistics and analytics

  • Digital product: This is the email that your clients will receive after they have purchased your digital product

  • Subscription started: This is the email that your clients will receive when their subscription starts

  • Subscription canceled: This is the email that your clients will receive when their subscription ends

You can view and edit your digital product, subscription started and subscription canceled emails through MailerLite. Simply click on Edit next to the email preview. You can then change the email design, using the drag & drop builder. There are also tags that you can add. You can get more information about this via our knowledge base article on how to sell digital products through MailerLite using Stripe. It will tell you exactly which variables you can use in Stripe emails when you’re designing them. After you’re done editing, click Save. This will take you back to your Stripe demo settings.

On the Stripe dashboard, go to Settings. There are several important functions here which are connected with your MailerLite account, including:

  • Customer portal: Make sure you scroll down and allow customers to cancel their subscriptions, either immediately or at the end of the billing period. Also include the link to your Terms of Service, and a link to your Privacy Policy. These fields are required. Remember to save your changes.

  • Emails: Turn on Successful payments. This will send the invoice that you create within Stripe to your clients. Every month, they will receive the invoice, if you’re sharing a subscription for example. In the invoice, there will also be a cancelation link. The cancelation emails are created in MailerLite, whilst the invoicing emails are created within your Stripe account. Remember to save these changes.

  • Invoice template: This is where you can design the branding colors so that they match your brand.

Once you have created your product, you can add it to the Products section in your Stripe dashboard. You give it a name, a description and an image. These three things will be used within your Stripe blocks. You can also decide whether your product is a recurring product or a one-time product. Make sure that it is set to Standard pricing, as we do not currently support other pricing models.

You can then go ahead and start adding products to your landing page or website with MailerLite.

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