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Online course workflow


This automation template is perfect for anyone who wants to create an online course and deliver it through email. Use this template to start your online course at a specific date and send automated lessons every week. It is a simple workflow, but super productive for your students.

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Online course workflow

Set up

This automation workflow is triggered when a new subscriber signs up for your course or training. Subscribers can be added to a group by completing a signup form or by being manually added on the Subscribers page.

How do I use this template?

  1. Go to the Automation page and click New automation

  2. Select the Online course template

  3. Select a group for the trigger When a subscriber joins a group*

  4. Click on the Email step to design a welcome email. Give it a name with a subject line and click on Design email. Once you’re done creating the email, click Done editing

  5. Click on the following Delay step and choose the course to start at a specific time and day

  6. Click on the next Email step and input the first lesson. You can either integrate the course content in its entirety in the email or redirect the reader to a landing page or member area

  7. Click on the following Delay step and input the amount of time you want to have between lessons

  8. Create the rest of the emails with the lessons (the workflow length depends on how long your course or training lasts)

  9. Remember to enter your delay period to each Delay step

  10. An Action step after the last lesson will remove subscribers from the course group. You can edit this step to move them to a new group of subscribers who have completed the course

  11. Turn ON your workflow

*Note: You could also use the trigger When a subscriber completes a form.

This is just one great example of how you can use this template. You can edit this template as much as you want to make it work for you. The sky is the limit!