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8 tips to create dramatically better emails with MailerLite

8 tips to create dramatically better emails with MailerLite

A beautifully designed newsletter is always easier to read and understand. It’s also more likely that good looking newsletters will get more clicks. We have some great tips for you to make your newsletters look stunning.

1. Catchy preheader

The preheader is the first bit of text that shows up in many email clients immediately after the subject line. Those snippets appear in most mobile devices and in some desktop clients such as Gmail and Outlook.

Litmus reported that better preheader text increased their click-through rates over 30% and reduced spam complaints.

Find out more about the preheader.

2. Beautiful header

When your client opens a newsletter, the first thing he/she will notice is a header. That’s why you should use beautifully designed headers. The easiest way to make your header look good is to simply use an image as a header. The default width of a newsletter header in our drag & drop editor is 640px.

email newsletter header - mailerlite

3. Highlighted block

Sometimes black text on white background can be really boring. That’s why we have highlighted blocks at MailerLite. It not only highlights the content you choose but also makes your newsletter easier to read. This way, you can clearly communicate your main message to your readers.

highlighted block in email newsletter - MailerLite

4. Visuals

Use visuals in your newsletters. We all get tired of text. Short sentences with a few images will make your email look more attractive. You have to admit that it’s much more fun to view photos than read a text. Always make sure you use high-quality visuals.

Find out more how to use images in your newsletters.

jack lemkus email newsletter visuals - MailerLite

5. Background pattern

You probably noticed that some of the newsletters in the examples above have a background pattern. It definitely makes your newsletter stand out among others. In MailerLite’s newsletter builder you can choose from the variety of patterns or even upload yours. Try experimenting with them to find the best fit for your emails.

email newsletter background - MailerLite

6. Animated GIFs

Sometimes you have many photos to show but there isn’t enough space in your email. Big photo galleries can make your newsletters look overloaded. No worries, there is an alternative for that – use animated GIFs.

It can work wonders when you have to explain a complex product. Movement tells more in a smaller amount of time. And it can be one of the best ways to direct your customer’s attention to the call-to-action.

You don’t have to be a designer to do that. Try using GIFMaker to make animated GIFs from photos super easy.

Email newsletter example animated gif - MailerLite

7. Built-in image editor

We have integrated Aviary Image Editor into our drag-and-drop email builder.

You can make all the crucial image adjustments inside MailerLite’s editor: resize, crop and rotate, adjust brightness and contrast, write text on image, add filter and much more. No need to open another program to edit your photos!

Click to learn how to use the editor.

email newsletter image editor - MailerLite

8. Video block

Video can spice up your newsletter and connect with your audience more than any text.

Moreover, video is mobile friendly: around 55% of our recipients are on mobile devices. It’s much easier to watch a video than read a bunch on a tiny screen.

Click to see how to include video block in your newsletter.

embed video in email newsletter - MailerLite

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in September, 2014 but has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.