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12 best AI email writers to write effective emails faster than ever

· 22 min read · Email marketing · Oct 4, 2023
Justas and Rimante (technical support)

The best AI email writing tools make a big promise: They claim to slash the time it takes to write emails while maintaining or even improving the quality of what you can write on your own.

This would be a huge benefit for time-sapped email marketers and business owners. The question is, are all tools equally effective? And are there differences that make some tools better than others?

To find out, we tested 12 top tools with AI email writing capabilities. Read on to learn what we liked and disliked about each one.

An AI email writer is any tool that lets you generate email content using AI. These tools help marketing pros speed up the email writing process and allow email marketing beginners to write more engaging emails for their customers and leads than they would otherwise be able to. 

Not all the tools are the same: While researching this list, we found that most AI email tools fall into 1 of 3 categories. 

The first category is general AI writing tools with specific features for creating emails., WriteSonic, and Jasper are good examples. They’re useful if you want a dedicated AI writing assistant that will help with all your content creation needs.  

The second category is tools designed for other uses with built-in AI functionality. MailerLite is a great example: It’s an email marketing platform with AI writing features. Use products in this category if you’re already a customer or if you need the tool’s base functionality. 

The final category is software that helps you create personalized sales outreach messages. These tools use data from social profiles and the web to write targeted email content that gets more replies than generic cold emails. Lavender and Lyne are examples of this type of tool.

Here are 12 of the best AI email writing tools we found, including options from each of the categories above. We’ve highlighted what we like about each one, as well as when they are most useful. 

All of these tools use Open AI’s GPT language model to power the writing, so the output you can generate is relatively similar across the board. However, there are big differences in the user interface, features, and pricing which can make a particular tool more or less suited to your needs. 

MailerLite AI subject line generator gif
Source: MailerLite

MailerLite’s AI email writer and subject line generator stand out because you access them from the Drag & Drop editor or campaign builder. This means you can generate email copy while designing your emails, rather than having to paste the content from an external service. The result is more time saved when compared to other tools on this list. 

The AI features are optimized to generate email copy including subject lines, body content and CTAs. Choosing from these pre-built options means generating quality content is easy even if you aren’t confident with AI. What’s more, you can change the tone or regenerate responses with the click of a button. 

MailerLite is also a powerful email marketing tool with everything you need to create newsletters, build automated email workflows, segment your customers, personalize emails, and even publish landing pages and websites. It’s a great choice if you want to write AI emails from within a leading email marketing platform.


  • Streamline campaign creation by generating AI content from within the MailerLite campaign builder and Drag & Drop editor

  • Easy to use thanks to AI features built for email content

  • Generate multiple versions of the content and choose the best one, or change the tone with a click

  • Free for MailerLite advanced plan users


  • Might not be the best option if you’re a customer of another email marketing tool. Although switching over is easy (find out how) and you can start for free. 

  • AI content is a feature on MailerLite’s advanced plan which starts at $20 per month

  • Test it today with a free 30-day trial of advanced features

Write emails with AI and MailerLite

Sign up for MailerLite to start writing emails with AI. All new signups get a free 30-day trial of advanced features and AI writing credits to help with email content, subject lines, CTAs and more.

Sign up today email template
Source: is an email writer built around a chatbot. It’s similar to ChatGPT but with added benefits such as the tool being able to search the web to use up-to-date information in your content, and the ability to export the produced content to the editor in a click. 

The tool is built for general AI writing but has several email marketing-specific prompt templates. The templates are easy to adjust to your needs and you can also use your own prompts in the chatbot if you’re comfortable interacting with the AI. 

The tool has several other cool features that can help with email writing. These include brand voice, which analyzes your existing content and matches output to this style, and workflows, which lets you set up automations to create AI content at scale. 


  • The chatbot interface will be familiar to anyone who has used ChatGPT

  • Include up-to-date information in your copy thanks to the tool’s ability to pull in information from the web

  • Generate content with GPT-4, OpenAI’s latest AI model


  • Pricing is expensive for solo creators

  • Pricing starts at $49 for 5 user seats

  • Get a 7-day free trial to test features

  • Always free plan to generate up to 2,000 words

Jasper's brand voice feature
Source: Jasper

Jasper is a fully-featured AI writing assistant that will help with your email campaigns and beyond. It has a pre-built email subject line generator, and you can use your own prompts in the chatbot and document editor to create email content. 

The tool also has a Chrome plugin which brings AI writing to any website. This means you can generate content while writing your email in Google Docs, Gmail or even from within your email marketing tool’s editor. 

Jasper has plenty of other AI features, including a brand voice tool to generate writing that matches your brand, templates for various types of content such as SEO and social media posts, and integrations with other popular tools. 


  • AI-powered content editor is super intuitive and makes it easy to create and edit content

  • Browser plugin allows you to generate AI content anywhere

  • One of the most feature-packed AI tools available


  • One of the most expensive AI copywriting tools

  • $39 for its one-seat creator plan or $99 for a three-seat teams plan

  • 7-day free trial

  • No free plan

Lavender email coach
Source: Lavender

Lavender is a tool build for writing better sales emails. It stands out because rather than focusing on generating email content (although it can also do this), it’s built to analyze your existing emails and provide suggestions to improve them. 

For example, it will highlight issues such as generic terms, words and phrases that can trigger spam filters, and issues with grammar or tone. It also searches the web for information about your recipient and their company so you can add this to your emails without leaving your inbox, which is a handy time-saver. 


  • The tips can help you generate more sales via emails

  • Spam phrase detection helps you write emails that are more likely to land in the inbox

  • The Chrome plugin means you can access the tool on any website you use to write emails


  • It’s for outbound sales emails and not as useful for marketing messages or newsletters

  • $29 per month for Starter plan

  • $49 per month for Pro plan

  • Free plan to analyze 5 emails per month

  • 7-day free trial of the starter plan

Rytr AI document editor

Rytr is an intuitive AI writer with a document editor that makes it easy to edit or expand automatically-generated content using both AI and your own writing skills. The tool has tons of writing templates including those for emails, newsletters and general paragraph writing. 

To use the email template, just select your tone, provide information to use in the content, and specify a level of creativity. Rytr will then generate content based on these instructions in seconds. 

Check the image above for an email based on our new Canva integration. We think it’s pretty good as it mentions all the key points mentioned in the brief and it reads well. 

Other cool features include a Chat GPT-style chatbot and an image generator you can use to create images and graphics for your content.


  • The editor is intuitive and makes generating and editing AI content a breeze

  • Choose from 20 pre-built tones to write content that matches your brand

  • One of the most affordable AI tools


  • Lacks some of the more advanced features found in other tools

  • Free plan for up to 10,000 characters per month

  • $9 per month for Saver plan for up to 100,000 characters

  • $29 per month for unlimited plan

Flowrite Gmail plugin
Source: Flowrite

Flowrite is a useful AI email tool that helps you quickly reply to emails. Once you install the plugin, the tool will read your open emails and generate multiple replies you can paste into your email client and then either send or edit. 

The tool has several features that help you avoid generic content. 

  • You can provide information for the AI to include in the output 

  • The tool grabs details such as names from the received email to personalize each reply 

  • You can create greetings and sign-offs that the tool will use in all messages 

You can also create templates to respond to specific types of emails faster. For example, if you receive a lot of guest post requests, build a template for accepting or rejecting these posts and use it to reply to emails in a click.


  • Makes replying to emails fast and easy

  • Works within your existing email client 

  • Easy to personalize responses with names, greetings and signoffs


  • Best used for replying to emails, not for marketing messages

  • €5 per month for Light plan to send 15 messages per month

  • €15 for Premium plan for 150 messages per month

  • €30 for Unlimited plan

  • Free trial for 14 days

A Lyne-generated spreadsheet
Source: Lyne

Lyne uses AI to help you send personalized cold outreach emails at scale. Just upload a list of contacts and the tool uses internet content like LinkedIn profiles, case studies or company websites to learn about leads and write content based on this information. 

For example, it will look at the lead’s LinkedIn profile and create intros and P.S. sections based on the school the lead attended, their location or awards they’ve won. Once the tool has created this personalized content, you can download it as a CSV file or send it to your email outreach tool with one of the prebuilt integrations. 


  • Fast way to automate writing personalized emails at scale

  • Potential to seriously increase open and response rate

  • Having multiple options to choose from increases the chances that the AI-generated content will be high-quality 


  • Best for sales outreach, not marketing or newsletters

  • Pay as you go plan starts at $6 for 20 credits. 1 credit equals one row

  • Custom plans start at $120 for 1,200 lynes per month

WriteSonic's email generator
Source: WriteSonic

WriteSonic is a comprehensive AI-writing tool with plenty of features that make it useful for email. The main email template lets you define a recipient and their position, and add an email description. It then generates content based on this data. General templates such as the paragraph writer or the analogy maker are also useful for emails. 

Other features that may help with email creation include:

  • The AI-image generator creates graphics or images for your emails

  • The internet-connected chatbot will search Google and use information it finds in its answers, allowing you to include up-to-date information in your research or content

  • The voice-to-text feature helps you generate content without writing 

The tool has a Chrome extension with Gmail-specific features to help you reply to email content. You can also open the plugin on any website, such as your email marketing platform, and quickly copy and paste the content into your editor. 


  • Lots of features including image and text generation

  • Chrome extension with specific features for Gmail

  • Create other types of content as well as email


  • Need a business plan to access GPT-4 and some advanced features

  • Free for 10,000 words of GPT 3.5 content per month

  • $20 for unlimited GPT 3.5 content

  • Business plans start at $19 for 33,333 GPT 4-generated words and advanced features 

Grammarly editor
Source: Grammarly

Grammarly is an AI-powered grammar checker with plenty of features that can help you write emails. The grammar checker is an easy way to upgrade your email writing. It looks for errors and provides insight into how you can improve your delivery, clarity, and engagement. It also analyzes your writing tone so you can ensure your content gives off the right impression. 

There’s also a Chrome extension called GrammarlyGo that can produce AI-generated content. The tool can read a page and base output on this information, which makes it good at tasks such as replying to emails or social comments. 


  • Leading grammar, spelling and tone checker improves your writing and emails

  • GrammarlyGo plugin works on any website

  • AI-writing tools are free with a Grammarly account


  • AI-features are limited to 1,000 prompts per month, even on paid plans

  • Free version with basic writing checks and 100 AI prompts per month

  • $30 per month for individual plans

ChatGPT-generated email
Source: ChatGPT

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably heard of ChatGPT. The benefits of using ChatGPT for writing emails are that it’s free to use and the chatbot interface gives you a ton of control over the prompts you use and the output you can generate. 

The downside is that without the guidance provided by the other tools on this list, AI beginners may struggle to write effective prompts that generate high-quality email content. The tool also often reaches server capacity, during which it is unavailable for free users.


  • Intuitive chat user interface that many people are already familiar with

  • Free to use as long as the server isn’t at capacity

  • Flexible prompting allows you to create specific types of content


  • Can be difficult to generate content if you aren’t knowledgeable about creating prompts

  • Free version isn’t always available

  • Free to use GPT 3.5-powered text generation at times when capacity isn’t full 

  • $20 per month for Plus plan with GPT 4-powered chat and faster response speeds

Email generated by Notion AI
Source: Notion

Productivity tool Notion has a built-in AI generator that you can use to write emails. Use the tool to write emails based on any text in Notion or via specific prompts. For example, in the image above, we highlighted content from our recent Canva integration article and asked the tool to repurpose this into an email and it did it in seconds. 

While the AI capabilities aren’t necessarily any better or worse than other tools on the list, if you organize your work or marketing via Notion, it’s super easy to add email creation to your workflow. 


  • Makes it easy for Notion users to add AI-writing to their workflow 

  • Quickly repurpose articles, social copy, or summaries into email content

  • Notion AI is a cheap addition to your existing Notion plan


  • May not be worthwhile if you aren’t already a Notion user

  • $10 per month to add AI to any free or paid Notion account

An email written with Hypotenuse AI
Source: Hypotenuse

Hypotenuse is another general AI-writing tool with a specific template for writing emails. To create an email, select the email template, fill out the details in the summary section, and choose the tone you want to use. 

Once the tool generates the copy, you can easily copy and paste this into the editor and continue editing. You can also select specific bits of text and either use the tool’s built-in prompts or write your own instructions to help make the text more in line with your needs. 


  • Easy to generate and edit email content with AI

  • Templates for plenty of other email use cases

  • Free trial lets you test all the features


  • You need a teams plan if you generate more than 50,000 words

  • Starts at $15 per month for individual plan

  • $59 per month for teams plan for up to 5 users

  • 7-day free trial

It’s typically easy to create high-quality content powered by artificial intelligence. But the content is rarely perfect. Follow these best practices to ensure your content has the maximum impact.

Check the content

AI content is typically very accurate. But there are times when factual errors get through, which can undermine your email marketing efforts. With this in mind, be sure to always check your AI-generated content for accuracy before sending it. 

Add specific context

AI-generated content can be fairly generic. But there are tactics you can use to make the output more relevant to your business or product. The easiest is to add extra human-written content to the AI-generated output. Or you can include specific details, quotes or data in your prompt and ask the AI to include this in your answer. 

Make the content fit your brand voice

When using AI tools, make sure the content fits your brand voice otherwise, it will seem generic and won’t appeal to your target audience. 

Some tools like MailerLite have features that let you select a brand voice before generating. Others will let you add information to a prompt about the style of content you want to produce. If after generating you still don’t feel like the tone matches your article, you can always make edits to bring it more in line. 

Keep in mind the other factors that make great emails

Our final tip is to remember that it takes more than just great written content to produce effective emails. 

Your email design, offers, CTAs and the automations you use will all impact the results you can achieve with email marketing. Be sure to get these in order alongside your email content to produce optimal results!

Have you used artificial intelligence in your email marketing? Let us know which tools you used and your results in the comments section below. 👇

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