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5 amazing abandoned cart email examples to increase sales

Adam Enfroy
· 9 min read · Partner posts · November 13, 2019

Amazon accounts for 49.1% of all online sales. The e-commerce deck is stacked, and you don’t need us to tell you it’s not in your favor.

No matter whether you’re selling on Amazon or another platform, it’s no secret that Amazon continues to dominate sales online. It’s also no secret that people are abandoning your carts like wildfire.

Cart abandonment rates are 69.57% on average worldwide. What can you do? How can you reclaim these would-be sales? By incorporating a better cart abandonment email marketing strategy that engages, personalizes, and compels people to buy.

Here are five amazing examples you can utilize in your own cart abandonment strategy to increase sales.

Most cart abandonment emails are boring. They are cookie-cutter emails explaining how you didn’t purchase an item. And, they fail to achieve their only purpose: To give the user a good reason to spend their hard-earned money on your products or service. 

Instead of boring and generic emails, send one that your customers will actually open.

If you sent an email that went unopened, you can also auto resend it to reach more people with a more witty and creative approach. Don't worry, we’ll show you below.

Check out this creative example from MailerLite customer, MajHER Fashion Boutique:

abandoned cart email example majher

Now that’s an email that is sure to grab attention!

Be sure to use appealing images in your email newsletters and campaigns to drive more attention. Want another way to capture the attention of your readers?

Take notes from this other example from Dramafever in the wit department:

abandoned cart email example dramafever

The email itself is hilarious, witty, and speaks directly to the recipient with personalization. 

It also features a highly creative header image. Check out this post for more ideas on the best colors for marketing emails if you’re stuck on ways to spruce up your current emails. 

Want to stand out in ever-crowded email inboxes and promotions tabs? Write something that makes people laugh and brightens their day.

It’s no secret that discounts and saving money are a compelling proposition to any customer on the fence about buying. If they added your product to their cart, you know they are interested.

Whether that’s buying tomorrow when they can afford it, or saving it for later down the road. The only problem is: you don’t have time to wait, cross your fingers, and just assume they will buy. 

Instead, offer them a reason to come back that they can’t say no. A reason that makes it impossible for them to put off buying your product.

So, what can do that? Try a discount.

One of MailerLite’s customers, Relic Cave, uses that in their cart abandonment email below:

abandoned cart email example reliccave

By offering customers a 20% discount by redeeming their cart, you’re sure to get some bites.

Take a look at this other cart abandonment email from Grammarly, a writing and grammar tool that’s been ranked as the best in the industry.

abandoned cart email example grammarly

Let’s break down the elements here that make this email a success. 

First off, Grammarly offers a very high discount, which is extremely likely to convert any user who was on the fence due to pricing alone. 

For price-conscious buyers, a high discount code is key. If you offer just 5-10%, you might not convert at high rates. Those types of discounts feel common, meaning users will expect to see it again. 

But when you deliver a coupon of high value, like 60% off, users will believe it is far rarer (because it is), leading them to purchase. 

Secondly, this offer is extremely timely, targeted students for spring finals. Using an expiring coupon tactic (2 days to redeem), they also drive urgency, a key producer of sales. 

Another way to increase conversions could be by offering discounts for signing up for an annual subscription versus a monthly one.

If you are running cart abandonment emails that aren’t working, it’s time for a whole new outlook. Instead of generic emails that direct people back to their cart, seek to inform those users more on what you offer. 

If someone didn’t buy from you, they might have either: 

  1. Found your offer confusing

  2. Not fully understood the value you can provide 

Try building a personalized landing page to speak directly to their segment and the products they viewed. 

A prime example of this in action is Housecall Pro:

housecall example

They created dozens of landing pages for each target segment, from plumbers to maids and more. Each page is designed to showcase more information on why they should use the product, rather than just directing them to the cart or pricing page. 

Lyfe Accounting uses a similar strategy with separate landing pages for their tax preparation and CPA services, allowing them to laser focus on a specific audience based on their unique needs: 

lyfe example

This helps to educate the consumer more, and can ultimately help drive more traffic to your site from a multitude of sources over time. Finish off your landing page with strong call to actions like “start a free trial,” and you can improve sales with little risk to the customer.

While email marketing is one of the most powerful and personal marketing channels at your disposal, sometimes it's hard to compete in a crowded inbox.

Instead, try other cart abandonment tactics such as chatbot adoption. For this, we highly recommend Facebook Messenger chatbots.

Why? Messenger is one of the most used social communication platforms in existence, with over 1.3 billion users worldwide. It’s a fantastic space to communicate with your customers, and the integrations are impressive.

For instance, here is an abandonment sequence in action:

abandoned cart email example on messenger

Connected right to your store, you can showcase the exact products and product details to customers within Messenger. They don’t have to leave to get the full information.

And, unlike email, they will be notified on their home screen via Messenger, increasing your chances of them opening the email. 

Try running cart abandonment campaigns off email using social messaging.

Social proof is a powerful force when it comes to buying online.

Social proof can be anything from positive reviews on your products to social shares and even direct testimonial videos. 

These factors tell new customers that your brand is trustworthy and your product is worth the price tag. Without it, you can kiss your sales goodbye.

So, why not utilize this within your cart abandonment strategy?

Check out this example of how another MailerLite costumer incorporated social proof into their cart abandonment email:

abandoned cart email example ultimate courses

By adding this in, you’re killing two birds with one stone in case anyone was on the fence due to a question of authority or social proof.

Need more ideas?

Pull reviews from the products in your customers' carts and feature them in your email. 

Include testimonial videos if you have them.

Showcase people sharing their purchases on social media.

Any form of social proof that will help you close the sale and instill confidence in your customers.

Cart abandonment is something that happens to the best of businesses, whether you’re selling direct to consumer or business to business. 

No matter what you sell and how good your product is, customers will always leave items in their cart.

Thankfully, that doesn’t mean they will never come back. If you can deliver a fantastic reminder email, sales are just on the horizon.

Use these cart abandonment examples as inspiration for your own campaigns to drive more conversions and less cart abandonment.

Adam Enfroy

Adam Enfroy writes about how to blog like a startup reaching 450,000 monthly readers at You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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