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How to create an abandoned cart email automation

When you integrate your MailerLite account with WooCommerce or Shopify, you will find e-commerce automation triggers available in your workflow editor. One of these triggers is Abandoned cart.

To create an abandoned cart email automation:

  1. Navigate to Automations.

  2. Click Create workflow.

  1. In the sidebar of your workflow editor, click the E-commerce triggers tab.

  2. Select Abandoned cart.

  1. Select the amount of time after cart abandonment before you want your workflow to trigger.

  1. You will see a checkbox labeled Repeat workflow for subscribers only once. Check this box if you only want your subscribers to trigger the workflow once. Leave it unchecked if you want them to repeat the workflow every time they abandon a cart.

  1. Click the + icon beneath the trigger block and select Email to add an email step.

  1. Edit your email name, subject, and sender information in the sidebar.

  1. In the sidebar, click the Design email button.

  1. Create your abandoned cart email from scratch, or choose an E-commerce series template from our template gallery.

Note: All abandoned cart emails will be created in the Drag & drop editor and will automatically contain an abandoned cart block that will populate with the items in the cart of each subscriber.

  1. Once you’ve finished designing your email, click Done editing.

  1. Activate your workflow.

Your abandoned cart automation is active and ready to go! For further insight, check out these 5 amazing abandoned cart examples to increase sales.

Note: Only active subscribers can receive communications through MailerLite. This means that in order to receive your abandoned cart series, your customer must be subscribed to your email list and accept to receive email marketing from you if using Shopify or WooCommerce.

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