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Autoresponders are just like dating

Autoresponders are just like dating

If there’s one thing that guys obsess upon, it’s the “getting the girl’s number”. Let’s say that you’ve impressed the girl with your looks, charm, wit or Audi R8. Now you’re walking back to your friends holding up that napkin with the most coveted of prizes: her digits! Score! Mission accomplished! She totally digs you! It’s all smooth sailing from here, right?


(I Got Her Number: Now What? by Dr. NerdLove)

Isn’t that similar to getting a new subscriber? One of the most important proverbs of online business: ‘The Money is in the List’. You make a great design for your website, write a useful blog, create visible sign-up form and lead magnet just to attract a new subscriber. Once you get it, you think that mission is accomplished.


Giving an email is a sign that someone wants to start a relationship with you.

The first thing you need to do after getting a girl’s number is to send out a ping within a couple of hours of getting the number. Why so soon? Well to start with, you don’t want to lose the emotional momentum you’ve built up.

You want to bait girls into writing back; this is why you don’t want to say “Hey, it was great meeting you last night!”. Make or break questions, especially any involving a binary choice, will get good responses and can keep the conversation going.

(I Got Her Number: Now What? by Dr. NerdLove)

That’s perfect advice for your welcome letter.

Send a welcome email immediately after a customer signs up for your newsletter.

Welcome emails typically have the highest open rates of any marketing emails: they have an average open rate of 50-60%. What’s more, subscribers who receive a welcome email increase their long-term engagement with a brand by 33% until they decide to stop engaging.

According to Epsilon’s survey, only 57.5% of the companies sent at least one welcome email, with another 10.5% sending a confirmation email. In other words, nearly one-third of the marketers sent no follow-up messages to their new subscribers.

Keep the conversation going.

Sure, you can simply thank the user, but it’s way better to start the conversation.

How to start a conversation with your welcome email?

#1. You may collect more personal information by giving options to choose (newsletter by West Elm):

#2. Introduce team (newsletter by Square):

#3. Offer to engage on social platforms (newsletter by Nasty Gal):

#4. Video is more engaging than any text and will show more of your personality (newsletter by Path):

What’s next?

I recommend you build your autoresponder first before you start blogging or doing any social media marketing.

The second best time to build your autoresponder is today.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in October, 2014 but has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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