2 min readNew Features & UpdatesJune 8, 2017

Deliver by Timezone

Deliver by Timezone

In email marketing timing can make a big difference. There is a much higher chance for an email to be opened if its delivered 2PM rather than 2AM.

This is why we are happy to introduce you the Deliver by Timezone feature.

How does it work?

When you finish your email design and are ready to send, select “Send by Timezone”.

It is important to remember one thing. Newsletters take 24h to travel around the world. This is why you have to set the date day in advance.

Real-time reports

You can also track how your email travels around the world in real time. Click on your latest campaign report and scroll down until you notice a world map.

How do we collect the location data?

We get that in two ways:

  • The person has signed up using a webform.
  • The person opens or clicks on the link in the email.

Timezone data for your subscribers is constantly being updated based on these factors.

However, if the person is using VPN or other services to hide their location, naturally, it will not be correct. These emails will be delivered according to location data we receive.

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