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20 customizable e-commerce email templates built to boost your sales

· 21 min read · E-commerce · Mar 28, 2024
Rugilė, customer support

Creating effective emails doesn’t have to take time away from running your store. E-commerce email templates make promoting your business with high-converting emails as simple as choosing a design and customizing the content.

This article includes 20 pre-built templates that you can use right away. Each one is built for a specific use case but is easily customizable using our Drag & drop editor. Quickly add new blocks and edit the colors, fonts, spacing, images, logos, and more. 

Read on to see the templates and get tips for adapting them to your store.

An e-commerce email template is a prebuilt email that you can customize and use for your email marketing campaigns. Having a starting block in place makes setting up your store’s email marketing much faster than it would otherwise be. 

We’ve split the templates in this article into 5 categories: discount emails, product promotion emails, new product emails, sale announcements, and nurture emails.

  1. Discount emails encourage customers to make a purchase by giving them money off or free shipping.

  2. Product promotion emails boost sales by promoting either single or multiple products.

  3. New product emails help you launch your latest products successfully by promoting them to your list.

  4. Sale announcement emails let people know about your latest offers and seasonal sales.

  5. Nurture emails provide more information about your product or business to encourage customers to buy.

These 5 types of emails should cover pretty much your entire e-commerce marketing strategy.

Here are the 20 templates. You can use them by signing up for a MailerLite account to get a free 30-day trial of our premium features, including all our templates. 

When you want to create an email, whether for a campaign or an automation, just hit the option for Template gallery. You can then browse the available designs until you find the one you need. 

After your trial ends, you can continue using any email built with our templates, whether you continue on a free or paid plan. 

Nothing boosts sales like a discount. In fact, a 2023 study found that 53% of consumers look for promo codes before buying. These email templates are all you need to give your customers a money-off coupon.

1. Free shipping email 

Use this free shipping email template to incentivize sales by removing the delivery fee. 

The template includes:

  • 2 CTA buttons to take people to the offer

  • A fun animation of a box opening

  • An image of a friendly delivery driver

  • Further details about the offer benefits 

Make the template your own by customizing the offer's details and adding your logo and color palette. You can then send it to people in the relevant locations by using the location segment in MailerLite. 

Alternatively, adapt the template into a welcome email to give free shipping to email newsletter signups. 

2. Email coupon 

Drive sales with this email coupon template that gives a special discount to newsletter subscribers. 

The template includes:

  • A vibrant promotional image

  • A CTA button

  • A discount code 

  • 4 further reasons to shop at the online store

Make the template your own by adding your store’s discount code, including a link to the relevant products, and changing the colors, fonts and logo to match your brand.

3. Product recommendation email 

This product recommendation email template lets you sell to existing customers by recommending products they might be interested in. 

The template includes:

  • 2 promotional product boxes with images, descriptions and links 

  • A coupon code for a limited-time offer

  • 4 further reasons to shop at the store

  • Links to the store's top product categories

Customize the template by adding your products. Or connect your store to MailerLite with one of our e-commerce integrations and use product blocks that automatically import images, descriptions and prices from your store into your email. 

You can also use this email to create post-sales automations that automatically upsell or cross-sell to people who might be interested in the products.

4. Birthday email template

Celebrate your customers’ big days and generate sales with a birthday email template and a limited-time offer.

The template includes:

  • A happy birthday message

  • A birthday-themed image and icon

  • A discount code 

  • A clear CTA button

Send birthday emails by creating an automation that uses the automation trigger The anniversary of a date, and choose the custom field for birthday. 

For this to work, you’ll need to first discover your subscribers' birthdays. Do this by adding a field to your forms, asking them in a survey, or adding a birthday field to your preference center. 

Just be aware that if you create a birthday automation using this template, you’ll have to remove the countdown timer and use the {$name} tag in place of the name Jules.  

Promote specific products or groups of products with these product promotion emails. Just customize the template to fit your brand. 

5. Promoted products email

Use this stylish promoted products email to highlight your best products and get more sales. 

The template includes:

  • A header image and title

  • 3 product blocks with the product name, image, description and link

  • A testimonial block for social proof

  • Links to key website pages

Make it your own by customizing the colors, fonts and logos to match your brand. Add in products and descriptions from your e-commerce store, then swap out the testimonial for one from your customers.  

6. Product promotion email template

This product promotion email template is a great way to highlight a single product to your audience. 

The template includes:

  • A large image and headline

  • Three main benefits with icons

  • Further information with a background image of the product

  • A link people can use to get a 15% discount

Customize it by changing the content to fit your product. You could also use the template to register interest in an upcoming product release by letting people ask to be notified when it’s available.  

7. Book promotion email template

Hit the best-sellers list by using this book promotion template to share your latest release with your audience.

The template includes:

  • An intro block to showcase the book

  • Links to the book on major e-commerce platforms

  • An author biography

  • Sections for reviews and related books

It’s easy to add your own content to this template. And if you like the email design but don’t sell books, you could easily use the template and email structure for any product.  

8. Best sellers email template

Boost revenue by promoting the products your customers can’t help but buy with this best sellers email

The template includes:

  • An intro block with links to reviews

  • 2 product blocks

  • Content blocks that link to blog posts

  • A CTA asking people to follow your social media channels

While this template has 2 product blocks, it’s easy to add more by duplicating the block in the MailerLite Drag & drop editor. You could do the same with the resources section if you have more content to link to. 

Email is a super effective way to generate sales of new products. It works as you can promote your latest releases to an audience who you know is engaged with your brand.

Use the templates below combined with the product announcement tips in this article to create emails that generate excitement for your new releases.

9. New collection email

Promote your latest products in style with this customizable new collection email template. 

The template includes:

  • Product images

  • A link to the collection

  • A link to a collection guide

  • Links to important website pages

Customize this template by swapping out the images for those of your product. And while the black and white color palette is eye-catching, if it doesn’t match your brand you can easily change the colors in our Drag & drop builder.

10. Product newsletter template

Announce your newest release with this product newsletter template and send sales soaring. 

The template includes:

  • Space for a large header image

  • A product description and links

  • A product review

  • Links to relevant collections

Make this template your own by swapping out the images and descriptions for those of your product. And you can easily add further blocks in a similar style using our Drag & drop editor.

11. New arrivals email

Build excitement for your latest products with this new arrivals email template. 

The template includes:

  • An introductory block with an image

  • A call-to-action block

  • A countdown timer

  • Social links

This email template is perfect for businesses with a physical location and a regularly changing stock list. However, e-commerce stores could adapt it by adding product blocks to let recipients buy the products online. 

12. Sports gear template

Promote your athletics brand with this minimalist sports gear newsletter template

The template includes:

  • A header image with links to relevant collections

  • A block to promote your latest products

  • A block to promote your sale

  • A benefits section with icons

While designed for sports gear, this simple template could easily be adapted by any e-commerce seller. Simply swap the images for those of your products. 

You could also create an automation that adds people who click on the links “Clothing for men” or “Clothing for women” into relevant groups. You could then send product and content recommendations based on their preferences.  

13. Gym newsletter

Generate sales with this gym equipment newsletter that’s stuffed full of product boxes designed to convert. 

The template includes:

  • An eye-catching header image

  • Links to the store’s collections

  • 8 product boxes split into 2 collections

  • A coupon code and links to the latest articles

This template is focused on sales and makes good use of our e-commerce product blocks by including 8 of them. You could easily increase or decrease the number of promoted items by duplicating the blocks and choosing products from your connected e-commerce store. 

Discount sales are key periods for e-commerce businesses and they often result in significant orders. For example, U.S. shoppers spent $38 billion in Cyber Week, while some categories saw up to a 684% increase in sales on Cyber Monday compared to a regular day.

Help your seasonal sales stand out by sending a sale announcement email to subscribers.

14. Season changes offer

Boost sales in the upcoming period with this season changes offers template

The template includes:

  • A header block with an image and collection description

  • Product blocks to highlight specific products

  • A block people can use to find a store

  • A nature-themed design 

Use this template by switching the colors to those that suit your brand. You can then add your products. If you don’t have a physical location, delete the final block or change it for a different type of content your audience will find useful. 

15. Anniversary sale newsletter template

Celebrate your business milestone in style and bring in extra sales with this anniversary sale email template

The template includes:

  • An intro with collection links

  • Links to other important website pages

  • A personal note from the business owner with a signature and image

  • A footer with further information and social links

While designed for anniversary sales, this template structure is easily adaptable to any sale or celebration. Just add relevant content, links and images. 

16. Black Friday newsletter

Have your best-ever cyber week with this Black Friday newsletter template.

The template includes:

  • An intro block that builds excitement for the sale

  • A stylish pastel color palette

  • Links to various product categories

  • App store buttons to download the store’s app

Use this template as part of a Cyber Week sequence that includes a presale email to build excitement, a Black Friday email, a Cyber Monday email and a sale-end reminder email. Alternatively, use it as a base template for any sales at other times of the year.

17. Summer newsletter template

This Summer newsletter template is the perfect way to promote your seasonal sale and boost sales during the hottest months.

The template includes:

  • A summer sale graphic

  • Links to relevant collections

  • Benefits icons

  • A coupon code for further discounts

This is a simple email with the single goal of getting people to click through to your sale. Either use it as is or design your own sale promotion graphic before importing it to MailerLite with our Canva integration

Nurture emails help prime your email list for their next purchase. Use the email templates in this section to build trust and, ultimately, boost sales. 

18. Nutrition newsletter template

This nutrition newsletter idea template is the perfect example of an email that nurtures sales by highlighting the benefits of a product.

The template includes:

  • An image block with a link to the store

  • Links to the latest releases

  • The benefits of the products and ingredients

  • A link to the recipe page

Use this template structure to promote any products, not just those related to nutrition. The black, white and blue color palette is adaptable, so all you’d need to do is swap out the images and content. 

19. Quiz email

Discover subscriber preferences with this fun quiz email template, complete with an in-email quiz people can answer from their inbox.

The template includes:

  • An embedded quiz 

  • An introduction block that highlights why people should take the quiz

  • Links to the company product pages

  • A coffee-themed color palette

Use this template to learn customer preferences and then group them based on their answers. 

You can then boost sales by sending more relevant e-commerce newsletters to subscribers or triggering automations packed full of offers that target their needs. 

20. After-purchase email

Nurturing can occur even after a purchase. This after-purchase email helps you get feedback from recent buyers and new customers by sharing a link to an interactive survey that you can use to generate insight needed to power future sales. 

The template includes:

  • A headline personalized with the subscriber’s name

  • A description and link to the survey

  • Benefits icons

  • Links to the store’s collection

Use this email template in a post-purchase email sequence that is triggered when someone buys a product in your connected store. 

Consider adding other emails to the sequence to improve the after-sales experience, such as instructional content, review requests, and product recommendations. 

Your email templates are just one part of your e-commerce email marketing strategy. 

Another key part is automations, which you can use to automate key parts of the customer journey like abandoned carts, re-engagement campaigns and welcome emails. We have plenty of automation templates you can use to get started. 

We also have templates for landing pages, pop-ups, forms and even websites. See our entire collection of customizable marketing templates here.

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What are the key elements of a high-converting e-commerce email template?

High-converting e-commerce email templates will typically include content like discount codes, product boxes, countdown timers, and customer reviews. 

You can also boost conversion rates with better subscriber targeting. For example, by sending content based on their interests or at the times they are most likely to buy. 

What are the design best practices for effective e-commerce email templates?

When customizing your template, consider your store’s branding and ensure the template fits with the rest of your designs. 

This means using the same fonts, colors and style choices across each email. You can also add in some elements mentioned above to increase the likelihood of your emails generating conversions. 

The email should also be responsive so it looks good on all devices. All emails built with MailerLite are responsive by default.

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