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Ignas2 min readNew Features & UpdatesDecember 22, 2011

New MailerLite Facebook App

New MailerLite Facebook App

Add newsletter signup forms to your Facebook pages

We have updated our Facebook App. Now it‘s more flexible – you can add newsletter signup forms to more than one Facebook page, you can have multiple fields in the form and more.

How it works:

1.Create signup form in your MailerLite account

Go to Subscribers tab and in the bottom of the page click on Web forms block. Follow the instructions to create a signup form.

MailerLite Facebook App

2. Get your MailerLite Facebook Key

In Subscribers tab, click on Facebook App block and you will find your Key.

MailerLite Facebook App #2

3. Enter your Key in MailerLite Facebook App

Go to the app – http://apps.facebook.com/mailerliteapp/

MailerLite Facebook App #3

4. Select signup form and add it to you Facebook page

MailerLite Facebook App #4

5. That’s it – your Newsletter signup is installed in your Facebook page

If you want to edit something in the form, login to your MailerLite account and go to Web forms in the Subscriber tab.

MailerLite Facebook App #5


Our old app will stop working on 1 January 2012 due to Facebook changes. Be sure to change it to the new app.