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E-commerce: Automation does not trigger after a purchase

If you have your MailerLite account connected to an e-commerce store using one of our integrations, then you find certain cases where a customer does not trigger an e-commerce automation after a purchase. When this happens, there are a few things you check.

Make sure your workflow was active during the time of purchase

Keep in mind that the automation will trigger only for purchases that happen while the automation was turned on, meaning that your subscribers that make purchases while the automation is paused will not be triggered or receive any emails. 

Marketing permissions

E-commerce automations will only trigger if your store customer consented to receive marketing emails. This may mean they were already subscribed to your list before making a purchase, or they accepted marketing permissions at checkout during the purchase. 

To check if a subscriber accepted marketing permissions:

  1. Go to the Subscribers page.

  2. Use the Search feature to search the subscriber’s email address.

  3. If the subscriber is on your list, their email address will show. Click on it to open the subscriber’s profile. 

  4. Once you have the profile open, scroll down to Subscriber details

  5. Click Edit to view all fields. 

  6. Check the fields labeled Accepts marketing. If the subscriber accepted marketing emails, there will be a 1 in this field. If they did not, it will be empty and e-commerce automations will not trigger.

Purchase Status

In platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, the purchase status needs to be marked as "completed" in the store before an e-commerce automation will trigger. For example, it won't trigger while the order is waiting with a "processing" status.

In BigCommerce, the purchase status needs to be “awaiting fulfillment” for connected automations to trigger. 

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