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Participation in Focus Group Terms

These terms of the participation in the focus group (hereinafter, “Terms”) apply to New MailerLite’s customers who participate in the focus group to gather comprehensive audience insights, helping in the development of future product releases and marketing strategies for New MailerLite (hereinafter, “Focus Group”).


1.1. To be eligible to participate in this Focus Group, entrants must be registered customers of New MailerLite with active accounts and active sendings, complying with MailerLite’s Terms of Use (hereinafter, “Participants”).

1.2. The participation in the Focus Group is not open to individuals associated with MailerLite, including employees, service providers, agents, or representatives of MailerLite.

1.3. The participation in Focus Group is open to Participants worldwide, except where prohibited or restricted by national or local law.


2.1. The participation in the Focus Group starts at 0:01 a.m. UTC on the 27th of May, 2024, and ends at 11:59 p.m. UTC on the 31st of July, 2024. The period of participation in this Focus Group can be extended by MailerLite solely.


3.1. The objective of the Focus Group is to acquire comprehensive audience insights to help develop future product releases and marketing strategies. During a recorded session, Participants will be queried about their experiences with New MailerLite, their motivations for using it, and their pain points. The specific questions may be adjusted based on the dynamics of each Focus Group session.

3.2. Participation in the Focus Group will be promoted by MailerLite through email addresses of the selected Participants based on their good sending stats and being from the following industries: e-commerce, creators, and SMBs.

3.3. Participants will be asked to apply for participation in the Focus Group via a form or email provided by MailerLite.

3.4. Participants shall participate in the recorded session in order to receive the reward. These sessions will be recorded exclusively for internal purposes, subsequent review and analysis by the MailerLite team, ensuring a thorough evaluation of the gathered insights. MailerLite ensures the deletion of the records as soon as there is no further purpose to store it, but in any case no later than 2 years.


4.1. Each Participant will receive a USD 30 gift card on TangoCard.

4.2. Gift cards, specified in Clause 4.1., will be provided via the email entered by the Participant to participate in the Focus Group and can be used via the Tango Card website

4.3. The gift card will be issued to the Participant within 14 calendar days of participating in the session as per Clause 3.4 of these Terms. 


5.1. Participants will be randomly selected by the MailerLite’s team based on their sending statistics and industry.

5.2. Selection will be conducted under the supervision of a dedicated team from MailerLite. 


6.1. Any attempt to tamper with the entry process, interfere with these Terms, deliberately damage any website, or undermine the administration, security, or legitimate operation of the Focus Group is a violation of criminal and civil laws. MailerLite reserves the right to seek damages and/or other relief from all persons responsible for such acts to the fullest extent permitted by law, which may include banning or disqualifying Participants from participation in this Focus Group.

6.2. Failure to provide an accurate, working email account through which MailerLite can contact the Participant will disqualify them from receiving the reward.

6.3. Failure to respond to MailerLite’s attempts to contact the Participant and award them the gift card for longer than 14 calendar days can result in disqualification from receiving the reward.

6.4. Participants who do not agree to record the session or answer the questions asked during the sessions, shall be disqualified from receiving the reward. 


7.1. MailerLite assumes no responsibility for applications that are lost, stolen, late, delayed, damaged, illegible, incomplete, or for the failure, interruption, or delay of any email or other communication to be received, for any reason; problems with the function of any website or website feature howsoever caused; the malfunction of, or damage caused to, computer equipment, data or software, online systems, servers, or access providers; any functionality lost due to not having cookies enabled; traffic congestion on the Internet; the security or privacy of information transmitted via computer networks; or for breaches of privacy due to interference by third-party computer “hackers”.


8.1. Please read MailerLite’s Privacy Policy, Security Statement and Cookie Policy to learn more about how we process and protect personal data in accordance with good industry practice.

8.2. By participating in this Focus Group, you agree and confirm your consent that MailerLite is allowed to process your personal data (name, surname, email, address, phone number, and/or any other information provided) for the purpose of participation in this Focus Group.


9.1. Negotiations shall settle any disputes arising from participating in this Focus Group. Any dispute, controversy, or claim arising out of or in connection with participation in this Focus Group shall be finally settled by the court of the State of Delaware, United States of America. The dispute shall be resolved based on the laws of the State of Delaware, United States of America. 


10.1. If, for any reason, the Focus Group is not capable of running as planned, it may be terminated at MailerLite’s sole discretion.

10.2. In the event of a conflict between these Terms and any instructions or interpretation of these Terms regarding the participation in this Focus Group, these Terms shall prevail.