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Your trust in MailerLite is paramount to us. We are constantly improving our policies and terms to ensure that all of our customers are following the best practices around privacy, security, usage and compliance. You can find more details below.

Terms of Use

The overarching agreement you make to work with MailerLite.

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Anti-Spam Policy

We have a zero-tolerance policy for spam. Learn more about our strict anti-spam rules.

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Security Statement

We are committed to maintaining the highest operational and security standards that comply with international law.

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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. Here’s how we use and protect your data.

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Cookie Policy

How we use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your experience.

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Data Processing Addendum

Our GDPR agreement for customers who process personal data on behalf of EU/EEA individuals.

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Affiliate Program Terms

These terms represent legally binding agreement and understanding between MailerLite and the Affiliate.

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Guest Writing Terms

These terms constitute a legal document which sets out the rights and obligations of MailerLite and Guest Writer.

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MailerLite Partner Program Terms

These MailerLite Partner Program Terms apply to you becoming a Partner (Expert) in MailerLite Partner Program.

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Intellectual Property Guidelines

These guidelines cover the use of trademarks and other Intellectual Property assets of MailerLite.

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Responsible Disclosure Program

Despite our thorough QA, sometimes bugs occur. We encourage the community to responsibly disclose any bugs or issues.

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Non-Profit Contest Rules

These MailerLite Non-Profit Contest Rules are applicable to the MailerLite Non-Profit Contest.

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