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5 ways to dramatically reduce email unsubscribe rates

5 ways to dramatically reduce email unsubscribe rates

How do you feel when someone unsubscribes from your newsletter?

I feel devastating. After I’ve put my energy & tons of creativity in it, someone decides that my email sucks that much that they don’t want to get any of them. Ever…

But it’s not over.

You may win your reader’s heart even after the unsubscribe button is pushed.

#1. Provide frequency options

If you have many subscribers that are on several groups, you might want your subscriber choose to be deleted from one group but remain subscribed in other group(s).

The cool way to customize this is to create several groups in your account and name them something like “once a month”, “once a week”, “1 month break”, etc. You can then let the subscriber choose how often he wants to receive your newsletter if he picks one of the groups.

This unsubscribe page provides subscribers the ability to receive daily emails or limit the number of emails to weekly.

Bonobos uses the same technique with the humorous twist. The company says by offering the opt-down choices, it has consistently kept 25% of people from completely opting out.

#2. Offer to personalize the inbox

You may include preference centers for the type of content of the emails. This helps earn a subscriber’s second thought and probably even make them stay!

Here’s example for J.CREW FACTORY unsubscribe page:

#3. Offer alternatives

Just because an individual doesn’t want to receive email from your brand, it doesn’t mean they aren’t open to engaging with your brand via other channels. Include links to your social media properties on your unsubscribe page so these individuals can easily choose how they want to engage with your brand.

#4. Make them laugh

Inbound marketing company HubSpot made the best unsubscribe ever with an aazing video on the landing page with this message. It points out to the subscribers to keep in touch on social platforms if not the email subscription as well.

People started unsubscribing just to see the video:

GroupOn used a similar approach to win reader’s back.

Here’s what you see if you choose to “punish Derrick”:

#5. Stay positive

But if your subscribers decide to unsubscribe, tell them go. There’s nothing personal. You can make the separation easy and positive.

One more thing…

Don’t bury the unsubscribe!

Don’t try to hide your unsubscribe link in a long paragraph of terms and conditions. If the spam button is easier than your unsubscribe option, which choice do you think customers will make? While no one wants to have subscribers opt-out of your email program, the alternative (spam complaints) is much worse.

Let subscribers make their choice (stay or go) and don’t worry if they leave.

Remember the phrase that you heard when you were 16? “If he/she is stupid enough to walk away, be smart enough to let him/her go”. That is true with the customers as well.


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