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Gediminas2 min readNew features and updatesFebruary 2, 2017

Get a notification after your campaign is sent

Get a notification after your campaign is sent

At MailerLite we are always thinking how to improve all of our features and provide a better experience. Some of you have been asking about email notifications when campaigns are sent. So we added a few more email notifications for you!

What notifications can I get?

We prepared a few different notifications for different Campaign types:

  • Confirmation when Regular Campaign is sent
    This confirmation will notify you when your campaign is successfully sent.
  • Confirmations when A/B Split Test has started and has ended
    You’ll be notified when your A/B Split has started and which version won. You’ll get two separate emails.
  • Confirmations when both of your Auto Resend Campaigns are sent
    You’ll get two separate notification emails for each of your Auto Resend Campaigns when they started.

All these notifications will inform you about campaigns which were sent immediately or were scheduled for a certain time.

How to setup notifications?

To turn notifications on, click on your account name in the top right corner and choose “Notifications”.

Sent Campaigns Notifications are under the “Activity notifications” tab. Enter your email address and click Save. You will start getting notifications about sent campaigns.

Other notifications

  • Monthly account activity reports
    You’ll get your account’s monthly summary with stats. This email will be sent to you on the first day of each month and will include stats about the previous month.
  • Subscribe one by one
    You’ll get an email immediately when a new subscriber joins your list. However, if you add subscribers by importing from file, you won’t get this notification. It will work with webform subscribes, MailerLite iPad Subscribe App, API, and API-based integrations.
  • Unsubscribe one by one
    We’ll notify you immediately when someone unsubscribes. Notification will also be triggered for unsubscribes through API.
  • Daily summary
    You’ll be getting an email every day with numbers of new subscribers and unsubscribes for the day before. The number of new subscribers will also include imported from a file.

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