Email newsletter reports

Track your email campaign activity and subscriber engagement. Our reports include unsubscribe count, spam complaints, bounces, link activity and other metrics that are critical to measuring success.

Track opens and clicks

See who has opened your email newsletters or clicked on links. Narrow it down to individual subscribers or track trends with high-level statistics!

subscriber activity report - email marketing - MailerLite

Device breakdown

You don’t have to guess which device your subscribers are using to read your emails. We’ll show you how many are opening your newsletters via mobile devices, browser or desktop.

Email Newsletter opens by device report - MailerLite

Link activity

Use your MailerLite email marketing software to find out which links on your email newsletter were the most popular. We can even report who clicked on any given link. Insight into user behavior is the first step to improving their experience!

Link activity report - email marketing - MailerLite
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